Strawberries and Chocolate

I haven't done a recipe post in quite a while, so because it's May and everybody's in the mood for ''sweet lovin' '' I have decided to share a sexy recipe for you and your honey:)

You'll need:
500 g of fresh organic strawberries
100g of dark chocolate
100 ml of whipped cream
a knob of butter

Here's what you need to do:

1. Wash the strawberries (duh:)) and place them in a nice bowl or on a colorful plate. Beautiful dishware makes even the most everyday things like fruit seem like a delight for the eye. Arrange them in such a way that the strawberries themselves will seem like the most desirable thing in the world.

2. Moving on to the second part: CHOCOLATE!:)

Melt a knob of butter with that lovely chocolate and let it simmer on low heat, till be get an ooey gooey chocolaty mixture like this one below:

3. Got the first two parts covered? Alright, good job! :) Whip the cream into a lovely, thick, white deliciousness and have a quick bite before actually serving the dish;)

Why did I serve the melted chocolate in a chipped dish? Because just like this dish is not perfect, every relationship is not perfect. Every relationship is slightly ''chipped'' but that doesn't mean that we don't love each other:)

Happy Thursday everyone!


Teja xoxox


Vintage Heaven in the Heart of Ljubljana


today was an exciting day-I attended my first vintage/second-hand open air fair in the center of Ljubljana. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the air was full of nostalgic tunes from Edit Piaf, Frank Sinatra, etc. A perfect day to go vintage shopping! The mood was relaxed, people were friendly and chatty and it was a great opportunity for people watching, and for me - to snap a few photos;)

Vintage jewellery by Vintage Vikend

Divas Vintage Galerija

 What to choose, what to choose...

The lovely Liza from Gvant, the vintage and 2nd hand shop in BTC City Ljubljana,
confidently posing in front of the camera:)

Thank you Gvant for this gifted bracelet, it's awesome:)

A coffee break inbetween:)

I simply love this photo I had taken. As I was happily snapping away
with my camera, a woman riding a bicycle went by just when I pressed down the button
and her reflection in the mirror was caught on my camera.
The result: a heavenly photo!:)

Me posing away with my brand new gifted bracelet and a brand new vintage necklace.
I fell for this necklace hard! I love it!

Jaka from Neon Handcraft

Dog brooches by Kitschy

Hope you guys had a fun Saturday,




My Top Five

Hey guys, May is here so I thought I would write about my current top five favourite things in May:

Here it goes:

1. Peonies in a vintage coca-cola bottle on top of a stack of magazines:

2. Cute puppies:)

3. A gorgeous ,moisturizing Lancome lipstick in a daring shade of hot pink

4. A Coca-cola with a slice of lemon on a humid summer day

5. My mom's yoghurt cake. It's the best. The recipe is coming up soon, I promise:)

Have a great rest of the weekend,

love, Teja xoxox