To the Artmarket

Yesterday, the patron of art extraordinaire that I am, went to the Artmarket, now known as ARTISH, yet again, because I just couldn't believe what creative ideas everybody had, how colorful and wonderful everything was. There were handmade bags (one was even made of wood), jewelry made of silver, beads, wire, pieces of cloth, handmade dresses, T-shirts, handmade notebooks, make-up bags, etc.

It was, like, every piece of jewelry, every brooch and ring had an overdose of cuteness, man! Just adorable. It was über-cute! Or maybe it was just the fact that it was summertime and there's golden sunshine, crisp fresh air and  everything looks more beautiful than usual but still... I think we have some amazing illustrators, designers and painters in our little country. I just wish that they would get more recognition that they deserve.

I personally liked the label HandmadesweetheART best, I thought it was very original, the presentation of the product was quite polished and professional.

HandmadesweetheART brooches in different shapes and sizes

The woman behind the HandmadesweetheART label: Nina Kavžar. 
You can contact her on Facebook:)

The woman behind the Soul Fishing Blog:) 
I am wearing this beautiful HandmadesweetheART necklace.
I fell for this necklace hard!

Some trinkets from the Sonja label

Another labe that caught my eye was the KICjeRAJ label (also on Facebook). Check out these cool vintage brooches made of real vintage postage stamps from the times of Yugoslavia.

More brooches made of magazine clippings and travel cards.

This is a fridge magnet... in case you were wondering:)

Take care,




I am a huge fan of pin up red lips and when ARTDECO asked me to do a tutorial for them using their Dita von Teese collection, how could I refuse them?

Painting your lips red for beginners can be a daunting task - how to fill in your lips just perfectly with no smudged lines, how to correct the smudged lines, how to protect lip lines so that the lipstick doesn't bleed over? Well today's tutorial is all about that:) Are you ready? Let's go!

  1.  Line your lips with an invisible lip liner. I used Make up factory defining lip liner 50 -Invisible. It's really great and long lasting. Why not a red lip liner? Because when you're at a party and happily munching on fingerfood and nipping on champagne, your lipstick is going to melt away - and your lipliner is going to be stubbornly stuck on your lips. So now we're looking at lips '' l'naturel '' with a bright red line around them. Not pretty. 

2. Next, fill your lips with a bright red lipstick. I used ARTDECO's Art Couture Lipstick Velvet No. 615

3. Fill the parts you had missed with a lip brush.

4. Blot gently with a tissue paper and re-apply. This will ensure the color stays on longer. Correct the details with a lipbrush.

5. And voila! Gorgeous red lips!

EXTRA TIP No.1: For a glossy finish, dab on a clear gloss to make your lips shiny.

EXTRA TIP No.2: Dab a shimmery lipstick in the middle of your bottom and upper lip, such as Max Factor's Flipstick Colour Effect for a fancy shmancy finish.

And now a surprise for my dear readers:

Click on  www.mojakozmetika.si and type the following code: SOUL FISHING 812 to get a discount for ARTDECO make up products.

Overall, I really like that the lipstick is very long lasting, but it is just a smigde bit dry, so my overall grade would have to be: 9/10.

 Have a great day!


Teja xoxox


Artmarket in Ljubljana

I admit... I am an Artmarket junkie. No, for real, I remember one summer, I went every Saturday to Artmarket and I always ended up buying something. And I believe this earns me the title '' the patron of art'' now:)

Artmarket is a market held in the center of Ljubljana where Slovene artisans are selling their arts and crafts. Everything is handmade, delightful, colorful, I feel like I see into the soul of every artisan when I touch their work.

It's a great opportunity to meet new people, meet old friends ('cause Ljubljana is small), get inspired and my personal favorite - have a chat with the artisans and then shop til you drop;)

My first stop was at Balkan Art Now where they sold some very interesting graphics, among which Marlyn caught my eye:

Then of course it was impossible to ignore these guys:

Leather keychains made by Jana Seliškar, you can contact her at: janaseliskar@gmail.com

Then I had a nice chat about Dr Martens boots made entirely of wire with Marjeta Hribar, the artisan behind the MetkaCvetka label (note to the reader: do not wear these Dr Martens when it's raining)

Then I fell in love... with the Lintu label! I remember seeing their work at Babushka, but now it was here, right in front of me, and I just couldn't decide which piece I liked best.

I thought it was really clever how they displayed the rings in a box filled with white rice, very original.

Gorgeous! Love it!

And last but not least...

... I purchased this illustration from Meta Weber, you can check out her blog here.

Have a fun Sunday, everybody!