Christmas deco stuff

I love the rustic appeal of this room - especially the rustic oven. 
The little pops of red and blue add freshness to the space. 
And who says that old skates can't be used as a decoration?

I really like the simplicity intertwining with the warmth of the space.
The straw goat is definitely a nice original touch:)

I find these hanging hyacinth bulbs really cool!
The hanging pineapple is a very special pineapple - it's a Christmas pineapple;) 
Maybe I'll decorate my room like this for the Christmas 2011!

a checkered ribbon + a hyacinth bulb in an empty tomato can = perfection

Photos by Peter Carlsson for hus o hem

Love, Teja xoxo

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas!
(with lots of presents;))

Love, Teja and Em xoxox


Winter Fashion

Looking chic at below zero is a challenge, I grant you, but luckily, I found some really nice examples of chic winter fashion:

So how to look great and be warm and cozy at the same time? It's all about mixing and matching.

Rule 1: Complement a retro coat with a retro hat as seen in the next two photos:

Love the peacock green coat and the chic clutch.

This is a great example of layering.
Make sure to combine ethnic patterns with more subtle cream-colored pieces.
This way, the patterns stand out more. The red tote adds a nice pop of color!

Love this look! The loafers and the dandy-ish scarf are so chic!

Rule 2: Combine a winter coat with ankle boots, preferably in the same color.

Dark tones are a winter classic but in this case
a bag or a scarf in a different color would really brighten up the whole outfit.
Having everything in the same color can be a bit too matchy-matchy.

Rule 3: Earthy tones are a must-have

A nude top, khaki pants and wine-colored pumps,
plus a lovely fur coat is a winning combination:)

Rule 4: When going for the lumberjack look - don't be shy - go for the whole enchillada:) Not feminine enough for you? A sexy red lipstick will take care of that!

Photos courtesy of karla's closetthe sartorialist and stylescout.




What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?

What would you do if you knew that everything would be okay?

What would you do if you knew that everything would work itself out?




What's on my Playlist

Hoku - Perfect Day: because - every day is perfect in its own, even if we don't know it;)
LMFAO - I am not a whore: because even the title makes me giggle:D
Ingrid Michaelson - Be OK: because it's a perfect pick me up song
Beats Antique  - Nesatovo: because I love the mixture of the Balkan beats with contemporary music
Kelis - Trick me: because it's a great chill-out song
The Chemical Brothers - Galvanize: because I love the music fusion of the oriental music and hip-hop.
Ratatat - One: because it makes me wanna dance!
BOB feat. Hayley Williams - Airplanes: because there's something really catchy about this tune. I dunno, I just like it!
Ofra Haza feat. Iggy Pop - Daw da Hiya: because they are one of  the best artists of the 80s. This song is the perfect blend of their talent.
Beck - Loser: because of the funny lyrics:)
Snoop Dogg feat. Pharell - Drop it like it's hot: because of its sexy beats.
Moby - Flower: I just can't help it - I love this song!

Have a great day!

hugs and smoochies,