Christmas deco stuff

I love the rustic appeal of this room - especially the rustic oven. 
The little pops of red and blue add freshness to the space. 
And who says that old skates can't be used as a decoration?

I really like the simplicity intertwining with the warmth of the space.
The straw goat is definitely a nice original touch:)

I find these hanging hyacinth bulbs really cool!
The hanging pineapple is a very special pineapple - it's a Christmas pineapple;) 
Maybe I'll decorate my room like this for the Christmas 2011!

a checkered ribbon + a hyacinth bulb in an empty tomato can = perfection

Photos by Peter Carlsson for hus o hem

Love, Teja xoxo


  1. hejjj Teja read your blogs they are fab and awsomly creative with love spice <3

  2. Teja awsome creative and love spiced blogs love it


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