Teja's Top Five

Loving right now:

1. Cillian Murphy in BBC's Peaky Blinders
I love the Peaky Blinders. After watching the first two episodes I was totally hooked!
The cast, with Cillian Murphy as Thomas Shelby, the leader of the Shelby clan is absolutely fantastic. The script is well written and the camera gives the viewers sheer visual pleasure with its clever angles. I can't wait for the season 2!

2. Sleeping...
...because it feels soooo gooood:)

3. Coffee...
...because otherwise I would be doing what the kitty is doing:)

4. The Great Gatsby
I hated the book when I was in high school, cramming for my finals but now, 
ten years later, I love it.

5. Frida Kahlo
She was one of the greatest artists of the 20th century 
and I admire her courage and perseverance not only as an artist, doing her own thing, 
but also as a person, struggling with several health problems.



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Isabel Marant for H&M

It's heeeere in Slovenia! The latest collection by Isabel Marant:) Here are my faves:


Teja xoxo

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My Moustache Brings all the Girls to the Yard...

Have you been seeing lots of mustache images lately? Perhaps a bit more than you would deem usual?
Well, it's because November 2013 is the month of men's health. 
''Goodie!'' you say, ''but what's up with all the guys growing a mustache?''
It's because November 2013 is a men's health awareness month, prostate and testicular cancer in particular, as well as being a men's mental health education and prevention month.

''Yeah, but what's up with the mustache?'' you ask.

Well, don't they look extra manly with a mustache? It's kind of a symbol of their masculinity.

''Yeah, they do look kind of sexy...'' you say: ''so what can I do to show support?''

You can check out the Movember webpage:)

I dedicate this post to you men, because no matter how much you push our buttons, at the end of the day, we still love you!


Fashion Crush: Coco Rocha

I watched an interview with her recently, and I was really surprised how down-to-earth and modest she was. She seemed so kind and content with herself and with how her life turned out. You don't see that in models much. I have to say that I respect her for it. And yes, she is obviously drop-dead gorgeous and her sense of style falls into the category of perfection; she is rocking that rock chic look and only super slim and super tall people can pull off:)

She is one of the most versatile models in the today's fashion industry. A chameleon. A fashion icon.


Halloween in Brooklyn

I am talking about Brooklyn Hengarica in Ljubljana which was the place to be on Halloween; there was a vintage sale going on plus you got to sample the most delicious Halloween pastry by Mmmuffins and Co. (see the photos below:)