Halloween in Brooklyn

I am talking about Brooklyn Hengarica in Ljubljana which was the place to be on Halloween; there was a vintage sale going on plus you got to sample the most delicious Halloween pastry by Mmmuffins and Co. (see the photos below:)

Isn't mixing food and fashion the best thing in the world? Wait, it gets even better: there were also scary Halloween cocktails being served at the bar, so you could have a cocktail while shopping - I believe I can say that even Carrie from Sex and the City didn't have it that good!
The girls from Vintage Vikend had their five minutes of fame as they were being interviewed by the local TV channel:)
And me?
I was enjoying myself:)
The butterfly necklace is my new favorite. I can't stop wearing it!
It's by Angie
I am always on her Facebook page, checking out her handmade jewelry:)

I hope you had a fabulous Halloween!

Teja xoxo

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  1. OOoo:) me veseli, da so te moje sladice navdušile :) Hvala za povezavo:) Ja, sejem je res odlično uspel :) Hvala za omembo, LP Katra od Mmmuffins&co. :)


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