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Those who have been following me on Instagram for the last two weeks know that I've been traveling around Sri Lanka and Singapore. That is also one of the reasons why I have disappeared from the blog for a month. So much was happening that I literally did not have the time to sit down and blog about it, which is perhaps even better, because my best blog posts are always in retrospective.

I really don't understand people who are having a good time and in the middle of all the fun, they feel the urge to tell everybody about it. When I am having a good time, I am busy having a good time and that moment is really precious and is only meant for me, a luxury nowadays. Okay, now you're probably thinking:''Hey, smarty pants, how come you've taken the time to instagram about your travels, then?'' Instagramming is easy, you just take the photo and post it on your feed, and I always instagrammed in the evening; I mean posting one photo a day and checking my feed only takes 5 minutes a day. Which brings me to the subject of why I hadn't blogged for an eternity.

As much as I love to blog, sometimes I really don't have the time for it, since I am not a full time blogger. I have duties and responsibilities in my non-virtual life that cannot be neglected, as well as my non-virtual friends and family, which I put before all likes and comments. The truth is that I cannot have it all, a perfect job, perfect friends and family and a perfect boyfriend and a gazillion followers on my social media because life is imperfect. And that's okay.

Having said that, here are some of my best instagram posts in the last two weeks.

See you on Instagram,


Teja xoxox

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