Tutorial: How to Clean Your Vintage Jewlery

I am vintage junkie and every time I to the flea market, I can't stop myself from buying at least one vintage jewelry piece. I really like the idea of having a unique piece to wear in this hyper-globalized world, where all of a sudden everybody has a neon mullet skirt stashed somewhere in their closet and ray-ban aviators in their accessories drawer, and of course they are wearing their hair in a top knot, like all the fashionistas from NY, USA to Stockholm, Sweden to Taipei, Taiwan.

Vintage jewelry is from the time before all this cookie cutter craze. I guess that's why I like it so much. I like holding a little piece of history in the palm of my hand:)

Vintage jewelry always gives a contemporary outfit an interesting twist. Because we do live in a hyper-globalized world where it's cheaper to buy a new necklace than mend the old one, I've decided to write a quick and easy tutorial on cleaning vintage jewelry which can also be applied on any kind of delicate jewelry.

Like in all my jewelry cleaning tutorials, I've used an environmentally friendly and bio-degradable ingredient that can be found in every kitchen. So, here it goes, you'll need:
  • regular vinegar (not balsamic!) you'd use for salads
  • a soup plate
  • a brush with soft bristles (can be your old toothbrush)
 Let's take a look at the photo below. The necklace is quite tarnished (dark marks on the white surface) which is typical for the bottom part of the necklaces because it comes in direct contact with your skin, so the oils that your pores secrete in combination with a moisturizer and some dead skin cells is what tarnish actually consists of.


Dubrovnik - Hvar, How on Earth... ??

Have you ever stopped an entire ferry from sailing from the port? My friend and I have and this is a story that I will be telling my grandchildren: It all began when we were driving from Dubrovnik to Drvenik, thinking, yep we're definitely not going to catch the 7 pm ferry (it was exactly 6.58 pm when I had said this to my friend) and lo behold! We reach the ferry that is about to sail out at exactly 7 pm, there was even a bus that was about to drive onto the ferry as the last of the vehicles and we had driven in front of it (we were highly motivated to get on the ferry).

The only problem was that we had had no tickets because we had driven directly to the ferry, otherwise it would have sailed out without us. The ticket collector asked us whether we had the tickets. We said no, having the decency to blush slightly. He sighted. We were quiet. Really quiet. He said the ferry was to leave at exactly 7 pm. We sheepishly nodded as said we knew. Then, something amazing happened. ''There's the ticket counter, buy the tickets, we will wait for you.'' My friend stepped on it like there was no tomorrow, I ran out of the car and bought the tickets while the guy in the ticket booth totally ignored my pleas to hurry up and 3 minutes later we were on the ferry that sailed out with a three minute delay because of us. If this were Germany or heaven forbid Scandinavia, we would have been left stranded in that port because their punctuality is cherished above all else. Only in the Balkans. I love it!!!

The ticket collector said that they would otherwise have never done this for anybody and I said I love him. And in that moment I really really loved him.

35 minutes later, we were in Sučuraj, a small town on the very edge of the Hvar island, phoning our landlady. We optimistically thought that we were going to be in the city of Hvar in about an hour since it was only 70 km away. But no, due to the state of the roads, it took us more than 2 hours, with a nice British voice from the GPS saying we should turn left, when we should have turned right. What do the Brits know about Croatia anyway?

After meeting our landlady, we made dinner and just crashed. The next day, our adventure began.


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My Road Trip to Dubrovnik

I have been waiting for this road trip for a year now, and it was fabulous. I love road trips because I always do them with a friend of mine and that makes the trip even more fun:) This road trip (route Ljubljana-Dubrovnik) lasted for about 7,5 hours, and we had done about 660 kilometers in one way, traveling through Bosnia (this is the part when people from the West start freaking out and start wondering how come I'm still alive and writing about this). The weather was really hot (the kind that makes your sweat sticky and your clothes clingy) and we were really tired but it was so worth it. Here are a few snapshots from the trip.

 Having a nice lunch in Bosnia. The meat is called čevapčiči.
 Dubrovnik by night

Does the fortress look familiar? It was a shooting location for the Game of Thrones Season 3.
Check out the clip below:)



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The Private World of Introverts

As an introverted person I have to say it's true

Summer Book Reading List for Introverts:

  1. Susan Cain: Quiet ,  there is a really cool clip on this topic on TED

  2. An article on Ambiverts

  3. An article on Psychology Today

  4. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Take a quiz on Guardian

Lots of love to all you introverts out there,



Soul Fishing's Top Five

1.Peaches for Breakfast:)

 2. Inglot AMC Eye Shadow No 85

3. Hawaiian Tropic Lip Gloss in Island Berry

4. My new pocket mirror gifted to me by an eight-year old boy. He's got style:)

5. Happy Spoons, gifted by a friend from South Korea




Your Summer Check List

Your Summer Check List

Missoni , $800 / Object Collectors Item leather bag, $71 / Anthony Peto straw hat / Circular glasses / Garnier , $13 / Garnier , $14 / Bumble and Bumble / Hawaiian Tropic beauty product, $5.91 / Roxy Swept Away Beach Towel

  1. A kaftan or a tunic is the best thing there is for the beach. It's so light and easy to wear which is great for those really hot summer days, and all you need to wear underneath is your bikini and you're set. I fell for this Missoni number, which absolutely gorgeous. What can I say, I have an expensive taste:)
  2. Bumble and bumble surf spray gives your hair a light summery texture and no kidding, there's real sea salt inside
  3. After Sun Lotion, I never go to the seaside without it, it's great to apply before bedtime because in the morning, your skin is smooth and supple to the touch and it smells divine. You can also go for pure 100% Aloe with vitamin E, the Fruits of the Earth label has a really good one.
  4. Sun Lotion is an absolute must for the summer, not matter what your skin tone is. Make sure you check the back label if it's Skin Cancer Foundation approved. For those with sensitive fair skin, ask your dermatologist for advice. Mine recommended the following labels: Eucerin, La Roche-Posay, Bioderma, but the best that he personally is using is Daylong Extreme. When applying sun lotion, mind the tips of your ears and your feet, they always get left out.
  5. Hawaiian Tropic Lip Gloss in Island Berry - your lips also need protection in the summer and this is by far the best (and the tastiest) lip care. I cannot praise it enough. It's moisturizing and smells like the ripest, juiciest berries and it's Skin Cancer Foundation approved, which is always good.
  6.  Panama hat - if you go to the beach, go in style.
  7. Circular sunglasses, with UV protection lenses.
  8. A beach towel with playful design.
  9. A beach bag, I'm crazy about those really baggy ones with stripes:) 
I hope you found this checklist helpful:)
Take care,


Summer Chic - Tips and Tricks

My Vintage Weekend

Yup, there is such a thing as a vintage overdose:) This time I actually had to save to money and just drool at what cool things there were on display because my pockets were empty from all the sample sales in Ljubljana where I'd found some really cool pieces of clothing, but let's go back to my vintage weekend - this time upgraded with a vintage hair stylist Irina Kysselef and vintage make up artists Maša Grogl and Verena MakeUp in collaboration with a new Slovene label KaNi cosmetics specialising in natural mineral pigments featuring 80 different shades of pigments you can play with.

 Make up artist Maša Grogl in action:)

Hair by Irina Kysselef

 Verena MakeUp

Natural pigments by KaNi cosmetics, so good!

This vintage weekend certainly did not lack in refreshments; the best thing in the summer is having a minty refreshing drink, a bargain at 1 euro:

I think the best thing about vintage shopping is all the little knick-knacks that are everywhere; and even though they seem to be completely mismatched on the stands, they still look good together. There is a quiet order in all this accessorized vintage chaos:)

And I saved the best for the end: what better way to end the vintage weekend than with a dance number?

Have a great Sunday!


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