The Biggest Little Vintage Fair in Ljubljana


I haven't been blogging about vintage fairs in Ljubljana, so here it goes; on Saturday a bunch of us gathered to check out anything vintagey or second-handish. The fair was called Nostalgična sobota (The Nostalgic Saturday), I thought it sounded pretty catchy;). The thing about Slovenia and vintage fairs and flea markets is that it is a relatively new concept, whereas in the cities like London, Berlin and so on, vintage is practically a tradition and there is a wider variety of things to choose from. However, Rome wasn't built in a day, so we have to start small, right? And what place better than in Ljubljana...

Welcome, all you vintage lovers;)

Backyard Vintage

Note: it's very important to scratch when it itches;)

Jaka Neon from the label ''Neon'' in... neon green socks. What can I say? The guy's got style:)

The little bug also seriously dug Jaka's style...

The ladies behind the VintageVikend label: Nina and Tjaša

The lady behind the Gvant label: Liza, love the polka dots!

To buy or not to buy...

I met this girl at Nostalgična sobota, she was selling stuff for Atelier Indevin
and it turns out that she is a sculptor, you can check out her art here

The lady behind the Redesign Accessories label: Ema Bavcon,
you can check out her stuff in the following pictures:

I also took a few snappies of Nina Šušnjara,
a renowned Slovene designer

And a few more details from the vintage fair:

Have a happy Tuesday,



  1. Even if someone is taking a picture of you!

    Škoda, ker se ne vidi Jakatovih nogavic in mojih nohtov v polni slavi :D

    1. vaju šparam za naslednjič, hahaha:)

    2. Težka bo z neon barvami. So zelooo nefotogenične. Boohoo.

    3. hmmm... če maš dobrega fotografa vse barve zgledajo super;)


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