Cafe Lolita

I had a nice walk in the city centre and then I stopped at the Lolita Cafe. I admire the interior design, it's like a mixture of art deco and contemporary. The color palette is also interesting: black, grey and white with little pops of color from the cushions and lamps (pink and apple green, they look like candy. Yum!). I also like that some walls are covered with richly patterned wallpaper and some are left almost bare, which gives the space a little bit of rustic feel. 

The whole space is filled with opposites: bare hard walls - patterned soft wallpapers, black cherry lamps - soft colorful cushions, white furniture - colorful ceiling, etc.

The staff have French maid-like uniforms - black with white ruffled aprons:) Tres chic.

So yesterday, I had a scoop of their absolutely delicious peach ice-cream and did a few snapshots of the place. I hope you like it.



It's Friday, Friday, Friday yesterday was Thursday, tomorrow is... Saturday...:D


Teja xoxox


Ahoy Sailor

I was feeling a bit creative and there is nothing like leafing through various fashion magazines to get your creative juices flowing:)

It's so sunny here, perfect for a slinky summer dress and a pair of sandals;)

Have a nice Thursday!


Teja xoxox




I've wanted to do a post of all the things that are inspiring me for a while now, so here it is:)

Rachel Brice, the best bellydancer in the world!

Frida Kahlo, one of the best painters in the world

I can't stop listening to Clare's debut album.
I love her raspy voice

The Bride:) 

Can you say ''yummy''?
The model's name is Rick Mora. 

I'd really recommend this book if you're
into sarcastic humor... I read it in like a day.

 Take care,

Teja xoxox


Stripes and... stripes

The Summer is sort of knocking at my door (''sort of'' because it has been raining non-stop for the past two weeks over here in Ljubljana, grrrr!) and I started thinking about the perfect summer outfits - then it hit me - the striped navy blue and white dress! It's perfect! As I was googling on the net, I sort of widened my search to everything that is striped, really. I just can't get enough of stripes;) And Summer without at least one navy blue and white striped piece in my opinion, is a huge fashion crime:)

A striped T-shirt worn with leather shorts is an interesting
and refreshing combination. Love the mustard colored sandals.

If you have a similar dress like this in your closet,
wear a tiny leather brown belt with it-
it's this season's fashion must-have.

This striped dress sort of speaks for itself,
but you could liven it up with a panama hat,
a really long necklace with a pendant
and a maxi straw bag. The bigger the better.
Size matters:)

Don't be afraid to combine striped pieces with really bright colors,
like Karla on this photo does.

An oversized striped tee worn with jeans is a perfect combination for every occasion.

A striped dress with a scarf and wedges is also a refreshing combination.

An oversized striped cardigan, a red lipstick,
an oversized white dress
and doc martens - only in London:) Love it!
I hope you enjoyed my fashion post - don't be shy to comment;)

Lots of love,

Teja xoxox


Flowers, flowers, flowers!!!

Ok, I admit - I am crazy about flowers, and as I was browsing the net for inspiration I couldn't stop clicking! And there is one more thing that a girl can never have enough of - a floral dress:)

Asos floral dress
(I want to have this one!)

Asos floral dress
(This one too:))

Asos floral dress
(This one too - in case the first one is accidentally, like,
set on fire and the second one is spilt with nacho dip)

Topshop floral dress

Topshop floral dress

Zara floral dress

Zara floral dress

Happy Tuesday!

Teja xoxox