Cafe Lolita

I had a nice walk in the city centre and then I stopped at the Lolita Cafe. I admire the interior design, it's like a mixture of art deco and contemporary. The color palette is also interesting: black, grey and white with little pops of color from the cushions and lamps (pink and apple green, they look like candy. Yum!). I also like that some walls are covered with richly patterned wallpaper and some are left almost bare, which gives the space a little bit of rustic feel. 

The whole space is filled with opposites: bare hard walls - patterned soft wallpapers, black cherry lamps - soft colorful cushions, white furniture - colorful ceiling, etc.

The staff have French maid-like uniforms - black with white ruffled aprons:) Tres chic.

So yesterday, I had a scoop of their absolutely delicious peach ice-cream and did a few snapshots of the place. I hope you like it.



It's Friday, Friday, Friday yesterday was Thursday, tomorrow is... Saturday...:D


Teja xoxox


  1. A stranke so pa vse zunaj sedele, ko je tako prazno? :)

  2. v bistvu ja:) pa še zjutraj je bilo vse posneto;)


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