Soul Fishing’s Tuk Tuk Tips and Tricks

As much as tuk tuks look a bit funny to us Westerners, they are truly the best and the fastest way to get around a big city, like Colombo, Sri Lanka. The problem is not so much about the rickety vehicle, but about the drivers, they might give Westerners a hard time, especially if they are a greedy kind.
After four visits to Sri Lanka, I believe I have gathered enough experience to write a short how-to-guide, hopefully minimalizing your chances of getting swindled as it had happened to me on several occasions.

So, here it goes:


Keeping up with Soul Fishing on Instagram

Those who have been following me on Instagram for the last two weeks know that I've been traveling around Sri Lanka and Singapore. That is also one of the reasons why I have disappeared from the blog for a month. So much was happening that I literally did not have the time to sit down and blog about it, which is perhaps even better, because my best blog posts are always in retrospective.