Summer Sandals

Summer Sandals

Summer Sandals by soul-fishingblog featuring ankle wrap sandals

 1. SOLSANA Avery Leather Sandal €115
2. Tory Burch Shoes Tory Burch Orange Leather Ali Sandals
3. SAM EDELMAN Glenna Leather Embellished Sandals €85
4. BELLE SIGERSON MORRISON Cerulean Blue Suede And Leather Thong Sandals €150
5. Bayswater Flat Sandal Natural Dip Dyed Leather €255
6. Accessorize Indigo Aztec Beaded Thong Sandals €41
7. Scotch & Soda Leather Sandals €90

The Summer 2013 will be all about ankle wrap sandals and Leather Thong Sandals. The predominant colors of sandals are neutrals, such as sandy, butterscotch, which are perfect to combine with any outfit. If possible, invest in one pair of really good leather sandals because real leather is more elastic and supple than fake leather and your feet are going to be very happy:) And once you've worn them for a couple of times, the sandals will feel like slippers. Promise!
If you want to go color crazy and treat yourself to a pair of for example, neon sandals, in my opinion it would be better to buy a cheaper version, since it's only a trend and two years from now, they are going to probably land on the bottom of your shoe closet.

You can never go wrong with a pair of embellished ethnic/tribal sandals. I think that this has become a summer classic now and it's here to stay. The little details with corals, turquoises, beads and stuff really give the sandal that extra ''oomph'' that you would want and definitely attracts the wanted attention;)

Take care,

Teja xoxo


Paris Fashion Week: Chloe Fall / Winter 2013

The Paris  Fashion Week is one of the most important fashion events of the year, it's bigger than Milan or London. Everybody who is anybody in the fashion industry is there: the designers, the fashion editors, the models... and of course the fashion bloggers. It's the perfect for people watching, rubbing shoulders with the rich and the beautiful and seeing who is wearing who.

CHLOE is one of my favorite labels and this Fall, we are in for a treat; it's one of my favorite fashion trends: mixing and matching different materials. We've got the spotted sheer blouses, woolen jackets and leather pencil skirts. Don't you just love putting together what you normally wouldn't? Sheer materials+woolen fleece+leather=heaven. All in one look!

Adolfo Dominguez


My Perfume Haul

I've never thought I would use the words ''perfume'' and ''haul'' together but... here I am. Yesterday, I was passing by the Limoni cosmetics shop and they had a 40% discount if you buy two products. I've been dying for a new perfume for months now. I had like 15 spritzes of my Burberry left and only 5 of my beloved Givenchy's Organza:( My perfume bottles were literally dying!

I was really surprised when I entered the Limoni, because I thought with the Recession and everything, people won't be buying much, but there were quite a few ladies who were bulk buying perfumes and cosmetics products! And of course, I scurried to the Chloe perfume stand and realized that the Chloe perfume with the beige ribbon was long gone:S

But luckily, they still had one last Chloe Love perfume left. Yay! (Note to the reader: I will always prefer the eau de perfume to eau de toilette, simply because it lasts longer). And of course I had to pick another product to get the 40% percent discount, and after much consideration (it was more like, one spritz, really) I was hooked to Gucci's Guilty.

And that was it. Two really great perfumes for basically the price of one. I couldn't have been more pleased with my purchase. These are my new babies:

But there is something that's been lying heavy on my heart... my absolute favorite perfume has always been Jean Paul Gaultier's Fragile, which apparently is not available in stores anymore. This is one of those fragrances that you just know it's the one. And I've actually been using this perfume for ten years, (!), because I just loved it so much. And now? I can't seem to get it anywhere! It's so frustrating! I actually had this poster of the perfume hanging on my wall as a teenager, mainly because I thought that the guy with dreadlocks on the right was smoking hot:

  Yes, yes, please!

I also fell in love with the design of the perfume bottle. I still have it and I hope that someday, Jean Paul Gaultier's Fragile will make a comeback. That's when I will be bulk buying perfumes!

Take care you guys,

Teja xoxox


The Object of My Desire: the Givenchy Antigona Bag

After seeing this bag in the latest InStyle Magazine, I googled it immediately, mostly to check whether the InStyle team made a mistake and added one zero too many to the price. Sadly, the price was correctly noted and here I am, sitting behind my computer and enlarging the photo of this absolutely stunning bag and drooling. I am talking of course about the Givenchy ANTIGONA bag in black smooth calfskin leather with gold metal corners, the Spring/Summer 2013 Collection.

And I WANT it!!!

So, here it goes, my little request:

Dear Santa,

I realize that it's May and you deliver presents only in December, but I have this one request. I really want this Givenchy ANTIGONA black bag in smooth calfskin leather with gold metal corners. Because we're in the middle of the Recession and I am only 28, at the beginning of my career, and there's no way in hell I would have enough money to buy this bag at its original price. Way to many zeros. Do you think you could get it for me? Now-ish? Okay, fine, I can wait 'till December, I am sure that until then your little elves will be able to purchase the bag on sale so that your Santa account won't be too emptied out and there would be enough money left for all the lepers in Calcutta and the orphans in Somalia. Pretty please? I've been really good this year. Well, so far. I blog a lot. Well, I try to. Kinda hard to blog a lot and work at a regular job at the same time...

Oh, by the way, would it help if I said that I had read the Sophocles' Antigone when I was a freshman in High School? Not bad, right?:) I'm not saying that I particularly enjoyed it... or understood it for that matter, I'm just saying that I read it.

So remember that when you send your elves to go shopping on net-a-porter.

Thanks, Santa,

you're the best,

Teja xoxo