School Satchels 2012

School Satchels

School Satchels by soul-fishingblog featuring j. crew handbags

I absolutely adore satchels. Despite the fact that they are THE trend, and you see them everywhere, I just can't seem to get enough of them. Every time that I see an ''old school'' satchel, I'm like I wanna have iiit! And I already have three. Greedy, greedy Teja!

I would recommend two satchel labels that are worth remembering: The Cambridge Satchel Company where handmade satchels are sold, totally English, totally old school, or the French label, Bakker Made With Love if you're into colorful patterns.

I have one of their satchels and it's fantastic, I have nothing but the best to say about the design and material used.

I hope you found this helpful,

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Random Photos of Colombo, Sri Lanka

 My breakfast:)

 Sharing a zen moment with the Buddha

 Chaotic streets of Colombo

 Returning home in a tuk tuk in pouring rain

 This was a sign that I saw in the dressing room in Odel

 Nuns playing with a small tennis ball

 The pelicans chilling in the humid Colombo heat

 Having a cherry tart at Heladiv Tea Club

 A detail of a statue at Barefoot

 A vintage Sri Lankan commercial

 An old tuk tuk parking place

My favourite Indian snack:)

Have a great Monday!

Teja xoxox


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

 There are no words that can describe how different Colombo, Sir Lanka from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is. In Kuala Lumpur, I can actually breathe, because the air is not so polluted, the streets are more organised, there is none of that annoying honking of cars and tuk-tuks... actually there are no tuk-tuks at all, which makes the traffic safer. Phew! So, first, I took a train to the city center...

 ... I passed some interesting grafitti...

 ...came to the city center and saw some really old European architecture, most likely English, since Malaysia is an ex-British colony.


Went to see Dr. Fish... nothing more exciting than a bunch of fish eating dead skin cells directly from your body...lol... first, it was unbearable, I couldn't stop squirming, but then, after 5 minutes, you get used to this. An unbelievable experience! I recommend it;)

Then, it started to rain heavily, and I hid in a street restaurant, somewhere between dumplings and chicken and waited till the rain would stop...

 Kuala Lumpur's Little China, filled with high end knock-offs,
 with names, such as Mullberry, Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, etc.

 The air in Kuala Lumpur is cleaner, but it still very hot and humid - hence the numerous air conditioners

 The world famous Petronas Towers

 The inside of the Petronas Towers is filled with endless Western shops... it's crazy, man!



Best Coats for Fall 2012


Death by Chocolate

I am of course referring to a very rich chocolate cake that you can have at the Heladiv Tea Club at the Old Dutch Hospital in the heart of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

It's chewy and absolutely delicious. Add a cup of surprisingly delicious cappucino (I am saying ''surprisingly'' because Sri Lanka is traditionally more of a tea drinking country) and the world seems like a better place.

I quite liked the tea club's interior, so I made a few photos of it, it's a combination of the old colonial style (the Old Dutch Hospital is an actual renovated old Dutch hospital:)) and contemporary style with clean lines.
The color palette is mostly white, cream colors and soft bluish pastels.

I am still alive by the way, the humongous amount of chocolate did not ''do me in'' ;)

Flying to Kuala Lumpur tonight, hope the weather will be okay



Street Style on Hvar Day 2

So, the next day, of course I had to do the same paparazzo thing all over again:) Same place, new fresh trends. I noticed that some trends were similar to each other, so I had some fun and named some similar fashion groups ''squads''.

Here is the Flower Power Squad:

Here is the Classy Squad:

Here is the Rock Chick Squad:

And last but not least: here is the all time classic - the Sporty Squad:


Teja xoxox