Split Tribalfest 2012

Hey guys,

I haven't blogged for two weeks 'cause I've been away, shaking my booty at the Split Tribalfest in Croatia! It's where all the Tribal Fusion belly dancers from around the world gather to exchange ideas, share new experiences, make new friends and most importantly - to shake their booty, pop their hips and do a little belly roll:)

This year was the 3rd annual Tribalfest and it's never been better, some teachers made a real commitment and traveled thousands of miles from far away countries such as India and USA just to get to Split, Croatia to teach us tribal students some interesting and new techniques, share some of their wisdom and have fun with us. The teachers were amazing and were renowned dancers: Anasma, Colleena Shakti, Heather Stants, Matthias Lauwers, Mira Betz and Tjarda. Most of them were European, though.

I took the Mira Betz, Matthias Lauwers and Tjarda workshops and it was really interesting to see their different dance styles and different teaching techniques. Each workshop was a precious experience for me, not only in terms of dance, but in terms of life experience.

Mira taught me to quiet my mind while dancing, a feat I thought impossible to achieve, especially while being on stage (with all those people watching meeeeee!).

Matthias taught me to trust my dance partner which was also quite difficult for me because I always thought that I had to shoulder all the responsibility alone. It was nice to trust and to just let go. And it also taught me to let my guard down a bit and to let people get closer to me. It was a real ''aha moment'' as Oprah would call it;)

Tjarda taught me to just suck it up and learn fast. Luckily the workshop only lasted for two hours, 'cause I was drained afterwards!

The best part of being at the Split Tribalfest? Watching your teachers and your fellow dancers perform! The performances took place at the Peristil by the Diocletian palace, an ancient building that just added that ''special something''. Here are the photos:

Tjarda, left, and  Anasma, right.

I think she goes by the name of Armata, she's from Russia

Inga, doing a lovely backbend a la Rachel brice

 I think she's Saphira, not sure:P

 And finally Tribal Fusion bellydancers from Slovenia!!! The group is called Hathor DC. Great job you guys, I am so proud of you!

 The Tribalfest was spiced up with a little burlesque act;) Why not?

This particular piece was called Ukrainian Tribalfusion. It was a mixture of traditional Ukrainian folk dance and Tribal fusion bellydance. Very interesting to see. The music was of course a traditional Ukrainian folk music.

And last but simply not least: the amazing Colleena Shakti performing Indian Fusion. Gorgeous doesn't even cut it.

I hope you enjoyed this rather long post;)

Take care, my fellow bellydancers,



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