Death by Chocolate

I am of course referring to a very rich chocolate cake that you can have at the Heladiv Tea Club at the Old Dutch Hospital in the heart of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

It's chewy and absolutely delicious. Add a cup of surprisingly delicious cappucino (I am saying ''surprisingly'' because Sri Lanka is traditionally more of a tea drinking country) and the world seems like a better place.

I quite liked the tea club's interior, so I made a few photos of it, it's a combination of the old colonial style (the Old Dutch Hospital is an actual renovated old Dutch hospital:)) and contemporary style with clean lines.
The color palette is mostly white, cream colors and soft bluish pastels.

I am still alive by the way, the humongous amount of chocolate did not ''do me in'' ;)

Flying to Kuala Lumpur tonight, hope the weather will be okay


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