The Ljubljana Street Style

Taking photos of interesting passers-by always gives me such a rush. I thing the best thing about fashion is street fashion, because it's wearable. It's practical. It's alive because it's beating in perfect sync with the rhythm of the pulsating streets, which is something I cannot really say for haute couture, as mush as I love it and enjoy all the fashion shows. I find the ''street models'' much more fascinating anyway. It's incredibly interesting what people put on, what they mix and match, how their clothes express who they are, how they are feeling. And after the photos are taken, I just want to stick around, chat with them some more, hear their stories. Is that weird?

These photos were taken today in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.


Red Riding Hood

Lately, there's just been too much snow over here, so I've decided to use it as a backdrop for my very first photo shooting. I know, why do the photo shoot now, after three years of blogging? Well... I am extremely camera shy and believe it or not, three years is what it took me to finally pluck the courage to pull a Tyra Banks for my blog. Posing H to T, head to toe:)

During my first photo shoot, it dawned upon me that it's okay not to have the faintest idea what you're doing and to just relax into it. Also, it really helps to have a supportive friend who gives you helpful tips. Thanks, M, you're the best!

Have a happy Tuesday!



Soul Fishing is Now on Twitter

Yep, I can't believe this day has come, can't fight it no longer - Soul Fishing is now on Twitter.

Just like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and the Pope.

Don't tell anybody, okay?

It's going to be our little secret;)


Soul Fishing's Beauty Picks for the Spring 2013

Soul Fishing's Picks for the Spring 2013

Soul Fishing's Picks for the Spring 2013 by soul-fishingblog featuring nars cosmetics

 All you Beauty Junkies out there, all aboooooard!!! It's nearly springtime!

I am so excited about this spring, it's going to be the best I can just feel it! :)

This spring will be all about baby pinks, fuchsia and coral red, my favorite shades of make up ever!

Soul Fishing's Beauty Tips:

Foundation: When applying foundation, make sure that it's light and airy in texture. By adding an illuminizer (Inglot's!) under your eyes and on the apples of your cheeks, you skin will have a youthful glow. Now dab just a pop of color with your fingertips on the apples of your cheeks, preferably with a cream blush (I feel inlove with MAC's Brit Wit and Something Special) and voila!

Lips: Cracked lips are a beauty no-no, so apply a generous amount of lip balm, and apply a moisturizing lip gloss (Paula's Choice) or Lipstick (Lancome) in a vibrant shade of fuchsia or coral.

Eyes: Cover the dark circles with Garnier's Eye Roller, add a dab of moisturizer and massage the eye area thoroughly. Dab some illuminizer under your eyes and apply mascara for reaaaaally looooooong eyelashes.

Now bat your eyelashes like there's no tomorrow!



Let there be Spring

Let there be Spring

Let there be Spring by soul-fishingblog featuring a sleeveless dress

 I can't wait for the spring. The best part of the Spring is the Spring Fashion. The colors are vibrant and fresh and you can't help but FEEL vibrant and full of life. I am in love with floral prints. I could wear them every season and still not get tired of them. I think they give every woman that ''oomph'' factor and make us look more feminine and sexy. 

And what's even better than floral prints: dresses with floral prints:) I seriously believe that the dresses that I have picked above would look good on any woman, regardless of their weight or body shape and my favorite would have to be the little Vivienne Westwood number on top left;)


Through the eyes of a child

For me, there is nothing more exciting than seeing a child ''in the zone'', they are in their own little world, where everything is perfect, happy and colorful. As adults, we sometimes forget that this world exists. That's why I started blogging. As we ''grow up'' (I don't believe in growing up, I just believe in growing) there is just so much expected of us and we forget to be playful and to just have fun.

Have you seen the ''Yes Man'' with Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel? Do you remember what Zooey's character says in the movie?

''Life is a playground and somewhere along the way we forget that.''

I think I'm just going to do that today.




Shopping and Eating in Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia has a special energy that just draws me back; I just must visit it again and again (because my visit in November 2012 just wasn't enough). And every time feels like it's the first time. The city is adorable with its little nooks and boutiques and tiny cafes that can sit like 10 people. I love it! It has an interesting combination of old socialist blocks of flats and 300-year-old buildings. The center is especially full of the latter. I stayed for two days and I had lots to do so I did my best to make the best of the time I had had. This is what I had been up to:

I visited the Iggy Boutique:

 Yes, it is a see-through purse:)

 This is what I call S&M chic

 Love the big bow on the backless dress!

This stuff was glued and spray-painted on the counter:) Poor teddy bear!

The Zagreb Flea Market at Britanski trg:

Pizzeria Chateau:

The best damn pizza in town!

The Vinodol Restaurant:

 The dessert: chocolate cake with the liquid middle:*

Have a great week,