Freiburg, Freiburg

Yesterday, I did a little sightseeing in Freburg and I must say that everything looks a thousand times more beautiful in the sunshine than it does in the rain and snow. I love Freiburg, I will definitely be back because it's such a lovely city with an adorable old city centre, a bit like Heidelberg, only smaller and cuter:) Here are a few random pics from Freburg:

A detail of a house in Freiburg

Me checking out my shopping;)

The Town Hall aka ''Das Rathaus''

A detail of a house in Freburg

Me looking up at the Munster

After all that tiring sightseeing, my friend Sonja took me to the tackiest inn in the whole of Germany, not only Freiburg. There were angels everywhere! And I mean - EVERYWHERE! Don't believe me? Check it out:

Oh, yeah - this shit is for real.

I had Flammkuchen, which is like a German version of pizza - with bacon bits, cheese and onions of course, everybody's crazy about this combination - I think they would probably make bacon-cheese-onion flavoured ie-cream if they could:) Anyway, this is how Flammkuchen looks like:

 I also had ''Weinschorle'' which is basically wine mixed with water, as you can see in the photo above.

Take care,



The Glossary of German Forms of Endearments

mein Schatzi - my dear

mein Spatz - my sparrow (literal translation)

mein Baerchen - my little bear

mein Honigkuchen - my honeycake

mein Liebling - my darling

meine Suesse - my sweet (woman)

mein Suesser - my sweet (man)

meine Liebste - my dearest (woman)

mein Liebster - my dearest (man)

mein Herzchen - my little heart (literal trasnlation)

Greetings from Frankfurt,

love Teja

Shopping and eating in Freiburg

Sorry that I am a bit late with my posts, I was really busy getting to know Freiburg.

Two days ago, I did a little bit of sightseeing and I went shopping. The best places to go shopping is Kaiser shopping centre where they have cool labels such as Maison and Scotch, Yumi, Campus by Marc O´Polo, Liebeskind, etc. As far as cosmetics products go, they hold Bobbi bBrown, Kiehl´s, Mac, etc. So basically all the good stuff:)
Then we went to the Uni Kebab where I had the best Yufka kebab ever!!! All the kebabs in Ljubljana can hide:) The personell is really friendly and the turkish tea is also delicious. Here are some photos:

Then we went to another shop that we conversationally call ´´The Jane Austen Shop´´ because it´s decorated in a British country style. Here are some random photos taken from the outside because we weren´t allowed to take photos of the shop´s interior:

After a long day of shopping, where better to go than to a lovely cafe where they serve delicious cakes? We chose Gmeiner. I had Aprikosen Sahne Torte which is like a apricot cheese cake. Very very very good:)

Not bad at all, huh?


Teja xoxox



Yesterday, I woke up fairly late, had breakfast and went out for a walk with my friend Sonja in a nearby forest. It was raning cats and dogs, my pants were muddy up to my knees but it really felt good. We were walking for two hours and then, just as we were getting fed up with all the cold, there was luckily a cafe at the end of the forest. It is called Schloß Cafe and I would recommend it to anyone who stops by in Freburg. The atmosphere is very relaxed and homey and one can order homemade desserts as well as savoury dishes. I ordered Donauwelle, which is a cherry cake coated with chocolate. It really liked it because it wasn´t too sweet and the slightly soury fruity taste of cherries complemented chocolate very nicely.

After that, we saw The King´s Speech (which actually wasn´t dubbed in German - go figure!) and I absolutely loved it. I think that Geoffrey Rush will win that Oscar!

After the movie, we had dinner in Legere where I ordered a traditional German Cheese Spätzle. Hmmm... how to explain what a Spätzle is? It´s made of dough similar to macaroni, except softer. it is served with ham, cheese and lots and lots of onions. It´s good but a bit heavy. This is how it looks like:

Just don´t count the calories in Spätzle;)

Inside of Legere

Take care,


Teja xoxox


Freiburg, Germany

Greetings from Germany, meine Lieblinge,

I am currently ina lovely city called Freiburg, which is practically bordering to France. I arrived yesterday by train from Frankfurt and I was surprised by two things:

  1. how expensive the friggin´ return ticket from Frankfurt to Freiburg was – 111 euros (that is from one city in Germany to another city in Germany. The entire journey took 2 hours and 15 min). As a comparison, I can tell you that a return ticket from Ljubljana (the capital of Slovenia) to Graz in Austria costs only 30 euros (and you go across the border and the journey takes 3,5 hrs – hello?!)

  1. how wonderfully orderly everything was. Well, is. All the upcoming stations were on display, there were no delays, everything fuctioned perfectly. Ordnung und Diszipline, as the Germans would say.

As I was saying, I am visiting my friend Sonja in Freiburg and after a little walk around the Schlossberg and a muscle cramp in my right thigh, we had a really lovely dinner with Mediterranean spices and garlic. Sonja´s boyfriend Simon was the cook and after a long day´s journey, a hearty dinner was all I needed.

Simon prepared chicken with potatoes and carrots. As a side dish, we had salad with a homemade yoghurt dressing. Yum.

After that, I slept for ten hours straight like a baby:)

Here are a few snapshots from Freiburg:

Das Freiburger Münster

The lovely view from Schlossberg

Our dinner

No dinner in Germany is really complete without beer:) This one is regional:)

Tschüß for now,


Teja xoxoxo


Teja’s Crunchy Chocolate Chip and Hazelnut Muffins

Makes 24

700 g/6 cups plain flour
4 tsp baking powder
½ tsp salt
180 g unrefined dark brown sugar (I used Billington’s Natural Molasses Sugar)
50 g caster sugar
4 eggs
600 ml/2 ½ cups milk
230 g butter
2 tsp vanilla essence
100 g semi-sweet chocolate chips
100 g roasted hazelnuts
50 g cocoa powder

1 Preheat the oven to 200C/400F. Grease 2 12-cup muffin tins.
2 Sift the flour, baking powder and salt into a large mixing bowl.
3 Whisk together milk, vanilla essence and sugar, until frothy (yum!:))
4 Place the eggs and butter in a separate bowl and whisk together well. Gently fold in the flour and milk mixture, until the consistency of the dough is lovely and smoothJ
5 Gently stir in the chocolate chips and roasted hazelnuts.
6 Spoon the mixture into the muffin cups, filling them just below the top. Bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes, until the muffins are well risen and browned.

Serve warm or cold.


Enjoy your muffins! :)


Teja xoxox


Chicken in Cream Sauce with Air-dried Ham


today, I was trying out a new recipe from my friend Anita:

For 2 persons, you'll need:

1 chicken breast
1 cream fraiche (the smaller cup)
50 g of air-dried ham (aka prosciutto)
500g of frozen gnocchi

1. dice the air-dried ham

2. Put the diced air-dried ham into a heated pan. 
Cook it until gold and crispy.

3. Cut the chicken breast into strips

4. add the chicken to the air-dried ham.
Cook the meat until golden brown.

5. put the gnocchi into hot salted water. 
Cook until the come up to the surface, like this:

6. add the creme fraiche to the chicken and air-dried ham.
Cook for another 3 minutes:

7. put the meat mixture onto gnocchi.

Bon apetit!

Thank you Anita for this recipe!

Hugs and kisses,