Shopping and eating in Freiburg

Sorry that I am a bit late with my posts, I was really busy getting to know Freiburg.

Two days ago, I did a little bit of sightseeing and I went shopping. The best places to go shopping is Kaiser shopping centre where they have cool labels such as Maison and Scotch, Yumi, Campus by Marc O´Polo, Liebeskind, etc. As far as cosmetics products go, they hold Bobbi bBrown, Kiehl´s, Mac, etc. So basically all the good stuff:)
Then we went to the Uni Kebab where I had the best Yufka kebab ever!!! All the kebabs in Ljubljana can hide:) The personell is really friendly and the turkish tea is also delicious. Here are some photos:

Then we went to another shop that we conversationally call ´´The Jane Austen Shop´´ because it´s decorated in a British country style. Here are some random photos taken from the outside because we weren´t allowed to take photos of the shop´s interior:

After a long day of shopping, where better to go than to a lovely cafe where they serve delicious cakes? We chose Gmeiner. I had Aprikosen Sahne Torte which is like a apricot cheese cake. Very very very good:)

Not bad at all, huh?


Teja xoxox

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