Yesterday, I woke up fairly late, had breakfast and went out for a walk with my friend Sonja in a nearby forest. It was raning cats and dogs, my pants were muddy up to my knees but it really felt good. We were walking for two hours and then, just as we were getting fed up with all the cold, there was luckily a cafe at the end of the forest. It is called Schloß Cafe and I would recommend it to anyone who stops by in Freburg. The atmosphere is very relaxed and homey and one can order homemade desserts as well as savoury dishes. I ordered Donauwelle, which is a cherry cake coated with chocolate. It really liked it because it wasn´t too sweet and the slightly soury fruity taste of cherries complemented chocolate very nicely.

After that, we saw The King´s Speech (which actually wasn´t dubbed in German - go figure!) and I absolutely loved it. I think that Geoffrey Rush will win that Oscar!

After the movie, we had dinner in Legere where I ordered a traditional German Cheese Spätzle. Hmmm... how to explain what a Spätzle is? It´s made of dough similar to macaroni, except softer. it is served with ham, cheese and lots and lots of onions. It´s good but a bit heavy. This is how it looks like:

Just don´t count the calories in Spätzle;)

Inside of Legere

Take care,


Teja xoxox

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