Goriška Brda

is a must-see for anybody visiting Slovenia. It's so beautiful, sunny (well, it was partly sunny, then cloudy, with an occasional shower, but for the record, let's just say it was sunny) and green with lush vineyards, old houses made of big chunks of grey stone with orange rooftops upon which even bigger chunks of grey stones are placed to prevent the roof from being literally blown off by the strong Bora Wind (Slo: burja). The soil is deep rich terracotta red, the air smells of lavender, the wine is excellent and the people are always friendly and loud.

And since Goriška Brda are not too far away from the Italian border, why not go over it to Gorizia and have a leisurely day, doing a bit of shopping, and having a delicious delicacy and a real Italian cappuccino afterwards? I chose this nougatty-chocolatey dessert. Best cookie I have ever tasted.

Teja xoxo


DIY: Pimp Up my Boring Brown Paper Bag

I haven't done any DIY posts in a while, so I think now is the perfect opportunity because there are a lot o birthdays in May and this way, you will be able to give something completely unique and awesome and your friend is going to treasure your brown paper bag forever!

First, you'll need an ordinary brown paper bag:

Sketch the image of your choice on the brown paper bag with a No2 pencil:

Then trace the lines with a permanent marker, I used Staedtler Lumocolor Permanent Marker:

Erase the traces of the No2 pencil with an eraser aka rubber and start coloring them. I used Caran d'Ache ARTIST Supracolor Soft coloring pencils. They are high-quality water-soluble coloring pencils and they're awesome, I'd really recommend them!
For an edgy look, don't color the image perfectly, actually try do to an imperfect job, it makes it look even more interesting;)


And it's done!

''Vse najboljše'' means ''Happy Birthday'' in Slovene:)

Hope you like this post, let me know!


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Soul Fishing is on Bloggers.com!

Hello, all you Soul Fishing readers out there,

from Colombo, Sri Lanka, to Ljubljana, Slovenia, from the USA to Taiwan, I have a message for you: now, my blog is even more accessible, easier to read and easier to share with your friends.

I joined www.bloggers.com in order to have an even closer relationship with my dear readers, 'cause I love you guys so much, you rock my world!

Check out my Bloggers profile here,  hope you like it;)

It's almost Summer, you guys!:D


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RECIPE: How to Preserve Sun-dried Tomatoes

Sun-dried tomatoes preserved in virgin olive oil are my favorite snack. The flavor is amazing, full and strong, that's why I only take one tomato and finely slice it to pieces and then I just sprinkle it on top of my salad, which is almost always rocket (rucola) with buffalo mozzarella. Combined with spicy Italian olives and we have a combination to die for.

Here's how to do it, you'll need:
a clove of garlic
virgin olive oil
herbal salt
100 g of sun-dried tomatoes (check with your local Italian deli)
an empty jam jar

  1. Divide the sun-dried tomatoes into three little piles. Place one pile in your jar.
  2. Peel the garlic and place the little cloves all over the first little pile of tomatoes. Use as much garlic as you like, if you're not a garlic lover, that's okay, skip this part.
  3. Sprinkle with herbal salt.

4. Add olive oil so the tomatoes are almost entirely covered.

5. Press down with a fork hard, so that the air comes out. Repeat all the previous steps til you have used all the sun-dried tomatoes. Be careful not to spill olive oil when pressing down with a fork.


Vote for me on FashionBloger.si (Closed)

This is my very first fashion blogger competition and I think it's safe to say that I don't know what I'm doing, I'm just hoping that I am going to do a good job and that you guys will like this outfit as much as I do because it's one of my personal favorites:)

The application process for the FashionBloger.si was a bit of a pain because their photo cropping thingy didn't work properly, so I couldn't really drag the line all the way to my shoes. So on their website you will see me in my glorious outfit with the photo cut right below my knees. Grrr!

Well, the best I can do right now is show you the original photo with my feet and all. This is the photo that you would be voting for:

Shoes: Zara Trafaluc
Tights: Calzedonia
Skirt: Zara
Belt and Bag: vintage
Blazer: Zara
T-Shirt: Zara
Sunglasses: Raybans wayfarers


Fashion + Graz

Let's quickly recap my last post: the weather in Graz was kinda crappy, so I didn't manage to pull off a photo-shooting of the street fashion in Graz, like I had originally planned but I did do a few snapshots of my favorite pieces in the shop windows. That counts as something, right? So, here it goes:

Cruisin' in Graz, Austria

This weekend I was in an adorable little city called Graz, in Austria. I really like it because it's small enough not to get seriously lost but big enough to have all kinds of events taking place from flea markets, jazz nights (if you're into jazz, you must visit Graz because they have a renowned jazz school there), theater, opera, musicals and when the weather is warm, all kinds of organized outdoor events, from picnics to festivals, it's really cool.

However, this weekend was slightly different. I read the weather forecast and it was supposed to be partially cloudy (which in my world translates into partially sunny) and I even brought my raybans with me. Well, the weather was definitely partially something. It was partially rainy and partially cloudy:( And neither my friend nor I had an umbrella.

And what was on our agenda? Sightseeing.

So, we first, we changed our agenda into a full blown shopping escapade (because the shopping malls were the only place where it was warm and dry) and we cruised through all the beauty stands, spritzing ourselves with expensive perfumes (it was awesome!!!), browsing through clothes racks and we even went as far as reliving our childhoods at the toys sections. As little girls, we both wanted to have doll houses, right, and what was at the toy section? Doll houses!!! Yes, plural! And not just any doll houses, but the Sylvanian Families doll houses that I craved for as a little girl living in Yugoslavia where there were practically no Western products, let alone American (I did watch a lot of American channels, though).

Well, seeing this as an adult was nevertheless a real treat. And suddenly, the bad weather didn't seem so bad anymore.

So, we bravely stepped outside into the slightly foggy and slightly crappy weather armed with no umbrellas, and this is what we saw:

The Schlossberg

Graz is full of seriously cute houses

The coolest graffiti I have ever seen:)

The detail of the Grazer Oper, the Graz opera, so beautiful

 Fame, I wanna live foreveeeer! I will learn how to fly!!!

A little detail of the antique shop in Graz (it doesn't get more Austrian than this by the way)

 And a nice cocktail at the end is all I needed;)

Have a wonderful week!


Teja xoxo