Goriška Brda

is a must-see for anybody visiting Slovenia. It's so beautiful, sunny (well, it was partly sunny, then cloudy, with an occasional shower, but for the record, let's just say it was sunny) and green with lush vineyards, old houses made of big chunks of grey stone with orange rooftops upon which even bigger chunks of grey stones are placed to prevent the roof from being literally blown off by the strong Bora Wind (Slo: burja). The soil is deep rich terracotta red, the air smells of lavender, the wine is excellent and the people are always friendly and loud.

And since Goriška Brda are not too far away from the Italian border, why not go over it to Gorizia and have a leisurely day, doing a bit of shopping, and having a delicious delicacy and a real Italian cappuccino afterwards? I chose this nougatty-chocolatey dessert. Best cookie I have ever tasted.

Teja xoxo


  1. Hude fotke! Najboljša mi je tista kozarca z ledom :)

  2. Lovely images!


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  4. Gorgeous photos!!!



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