Cruisin' in Graz, Austria

This weekend I was in an adorable little city called Graz, in Austria. I really like it because it's small enough not to get seriously lost but big enough to have all kinds of events taking place from flea markets, jazz nights (if you're into jazz, you must visit Graz because they have a renowned jazz school there), theater, opera, musicals and when the weather is warm, all kinds of organized outdoor events, from picnics to festivals, it's really cool.

However, this weekend was slightly different. I read the weather forecast and it was supposed to be partially cloudy (which in my world translates into partially sunny) and I even brought my raybans with me. Well, the weather was definitely partially something. It was partially rainy and partially cloudy:( And neither my friend nor I had an umbrella.

And what was on our agenda? Sightseeing.

So, we first, we changed our agenda into a full blown shopping escapade (because the shopping malls were the only place where it was warm and dry) and we cruised through all the beauty stands, spritzing ourselves with expensive perfumes (it was awesome!!!), browsing through clothes racks and we even went as far as reliving our childhoods at the toys sections. As little girls, we both wanted to have doll houses, right, and what was at the toy section? Doll houses!!! Yes, plural! And not just any doll houses, but the Sylvanian Families doll houses that I craved for as a little girl living in Yugoslavia where there were practically no Western products, let alone American (I did watch a lot of American channels, though).

Well, seeing this as an adult was nevertheless a real treat. And suddenly, the bad weather didn't seem so bad anymore.

So, we bravely stepped outside into the slightly foggy and slightly crappy weather armed with no umbrellas, and this is what we saw:

The Schlossberg

Graz is full of seriously cute houses

The coolest graffiti I have ever seen:)

The detail of the Grazer Oper, the Graz opera, so beautiful

 Fame, I wanna live foreveeeer! I will learn how to fly!!!

A little detail of the antique shop in Graz (it doesn't get more Austrian than this by the way)

 And a nice cocktail at the end is all I needed;)

Have a wonderful week!


Teja xoxo

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