Teja's New Year Resolutions 2015

The New Year's Eve is around the corner and with it the end of 2014. I have to say I was quite pleased with this year – no major health problems, no scary boyfriends, no clingy attention-seeking friends… yes, 2014 has been good to me.

I have learned a lot this year, and if I compare it to 2009, I truly believe I have grown spiritually, as corny as that sounds. I know more what I want, I have more realistic expectations of myself and what is more important, I know my limits. Seven years ago, this would have been impossible, I had absolutely no idea who I was or what I wanted in life and it was a really scary phase. Not a cool scary phase like Julia Roberts has in Eat Pray Love because you know that the movie has a happy ending and everything just works itself out because she’s Julia Roberts. This was the reality of my life with recession knocking on my door, with absolutely no guarantee of a happy ending. In real life, you just don’t know what’s coming next and that can be quite stressful.

That is why I have come up with a to-do list that would help me improve the quality of my life in 2015, so here it goes:


Wrap a Christmas Present Like a Pro

This Christmas I have decided to go for a theme - brown paper packages with a twist.


And the Giveaway Winner is...

Congratulations, Kaja!

Thank you for reading my blog and have a very Merry Christmas!


Teja xoxo


DIY My Christmas card!

This holidays I wanted to send my friends from all over the world something really unique, therefore I've decided to make unique Christmas cards.


DIY My Christmas Tree

I have never done a Christmas tree post, mainly because since I have moved away from my parents two years ago, I haven't had an actual Christmas tree. Real trees are too heavy for me (and I won't settle for a small sissy one) and I hate fake plastic ones. So, the last two Christmases I have gone without a tree, but in my defense, I have decorated the rest of my apartment;)

I really thought that this Christmas would be no exception to my new no-Christmas-tree tradition, but then I met the Mellow Moose Team at the Christmas Vintage Fair I had blogged about a week ago, and purchased this really cute wood-and-wool mini Christmas tree. Without anything on, it looked a bit bland, so I decided to DIY it into the fabulous work of art that you see above:)


A Christmas Card Giveaway! (CLOSED)

What is the one thing that is really great to get for Christmas besides the presents?
Yup, you've guessed it - Christmas cards!
In December 2014, I've decided to host not one, but two Christmas giveaways!
And I'll be giving away these three gorgeous Christmas cards by mima.
I met the artist, Mateja Lukezic, at the Artish Fair, and we just clicked.
She is one of the warmest, most positive people I have ever met 
and her art reflects her amazing energy.
 I was so happy that she agreed to host this giveaway with me.


Aaaand the giveaway winner is...



Teja xoxox


The Christmas Vintage Fair

 Whenever there's a vintage fair organized by VintageVikend in Ljubljana, I get so excited because I know it’s going to be good! And this one was no exception, I mean ‘’Christmas’’ and ‘’Vintage’’? These two words I like used together!


Soul Fishing Skincare Routine + A Christmas Giveaway! (CLOSED)

I sometimes really envy people with mixed skin. At least you guys have a layer of lipids (fats on the skin). I seriously doubt that I have one, since my skin is really sensitive and feels constantly tight. In the summer, it turns red before you can say ‘’lobster’’ and just as the winter comes, I think: ‘’Oh well, at least the nasty UV rays won’t get to me with all this cloudy and rainy weather, so my skin is going to be fine.’’ Wrong. There’s central heating and then again, there’s the cooooold. If I don’t properly moisturize with a specific face cream that really deeply moisturizes and nourishes, my skin gets flaky and blotchyL Also, I can’t use any heavily scented bath soaps, shower gels or body lotions, they are way too aggressive on my skin. So, here’s my new and updated list from the old one mentioned here.