DIY My Christmas Tree

I have never done a Christmas tree post, mainly because since I have moved away from my parents two years ago, I haven't had an actual Christmas tree. Real trees are too heavy for me (and I won't settle for a small sissy one) and I hate fake plastic ones. So, the last two Christmases I have gone without a tree, but in my defense, I have decorated the rest of my apartment;)

I really thought that this Christmas would be no exception to my new no-Christmas-tree tradition, but then I met the Mellow Moose Team at the Christmas Vintage Fair I had blogged about a week ago, and purchased this really cute wood-and-wool mini Christmas tree. Without anything on, it looked a bit bland, so I decided to DIY it into the fabulous work of art that you see above:)

For DIY-ing a wood-and-wool Christmas tree, you'll need:
-ilex aka holly berries
-a steady hand
1. Carefully pick the holly berries without squashing them 
and insert the pin into the middle, where the little black dot is.
2. Gently push the pin with the berry into the wool, and voila!
TIP: Use berries of different sizes, it's going to give your Christmas tree 
an interesting texture.
TIP 2: Instead of the traditional star, 
put a positive thought or your New Year Resolution on the top of a Christmas tree.
I got this one from here.

And that's how you DIY your Christmas tree. How about you? How did you DIY your Christmas tree? I'd be happy to hear about it in the comment box below:)

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Teja xoxox


  1. Zanimiva smrekica :) tudi mi smo letos razmišljali, da bi si sami naredili leseno smrekico, vendar se še nismo čisto odločili ... Pomoje bi izgledala kar zanimivo in bi bila nekaj posebnega :)

    1. Jaz tudi nisem najprej bila prepričana, če res hočem takšno leseno, ampak potem sem se kar zaljubila v tole in je kar morala z mano:)


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