Wrap a Christmas Present Like a Pro

This Christmas I have decided to go for a theme - brown paper packages with a twist.

You'll need:
-ordinary brown paper, I got mine in the OBI hardware store
-red and white string, also purchased at OBI
-ordinary brown string (OBI)
-red and white candy canes (purchased at Mercator, I think you get 12 for about 3 euros)
-felt stars (Mercator)

Each package was slightly different, because I used different gift tags that I had downloaded from various graphic designers for free. I got these with cute birds here, they are my personal favorite:)
                                                            ....these reindeer ones here.
                                                            ....I got these corncob ones here.
                                                   ...I got the next handmade gift tag here.
...and I got these vintage bauble ones here.

Have a very Merry Christmas,

I hope I have given you and idea or two:)

Love, Peace and Joy,

Teja xoxox


  1. Super ideja, ful lepo pride :) tut moja mami je imela letos podobno idejo, samo da je uporabila vrečke iz istega materiala :)

    1. Kakšne vrečke pa? A navadne rjave? :)

  2. joj kok lepo *.*
    jaz sem tudi letos ovijala z rjavim papirjem, res je super, poceni pa še lepo izgleda! :)



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