Soul Fishing's Top Five Catches

1. My rad new manicure

2. Almond Soap by L'Occitane

3. An old hair clip that I found in the attic. So pretty. I think I'll DIY it 
and make a statement necklace out of it:)

4. My favorite notebook

5. My little makeup bag by NinaMalina. It's hand-crocheted.

Mwah mwah,



Bib Collar Necklace

Bib Collar Necklace

Bib Collar Necklace by soul-fishingblog featuring a bib necklace

Bib Collar Necklaces are THE fashion trend right now; the object of our desire have got to be the Dannijo rhinestone bib collar necklaces (so friggin hot!).

Fashion tip: Wear the bib collar necklace with a simple slouchy T-shirt, preferably white or black, tuck the T-shirt in only at the front, so you have a little mullet at the back, wear cute denim cut-offs and ankle booties (Isabel Marant if you've got the funds) and an leather tote, preferably in butterscotch.




Lumberjack Chic

Lumberjack Chic

Lumberjack Chic by soul-fishingblog featuring the row

When I dress up I like mixing things together that don't usually go together: masculine and feminine, studded leather with silk, rhinestone bracelet with leather boots, plaid shirt with high heels... I like playing with different textures and materials and what I think is really important is that I don't think too much of what I put on. If it's fun, if it reflects how I feel on that particular day, if I feel comfortable, I just go with it and that's a really important aspect of fashion, in my humble opinion:)

When I was putting together this Lumberjack chic set, I chose a really high quality chic parka and sort of built the entire set around it, paying attention to particular details of the parka, like the leather sleeves and fur. That's why I called this set ''Lumberjack Chic'':)



Life is Very Funny

This photo was actually taken in a dressing room in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It was also featured in my post here . I really like this poster but I don't know why:)

Taken from my little trip to Zagreb that I blogged about here
This photo was taken in the Zagreb Museum of Modern Art. This was an fourth grade exercise from the 1960s about the conjugation of the Croatian verb ''love''.
Translation: (Josip Broz) Tito loves us pioneers. And the pioneers love Tito. Bunny, little bunny, loves the green cabbage. All of us love grandpa. And a teddy bear loves honey.

This photo was taken in Zagreb in a Doner Kebab snack bar.

Source: tumblr

Source: tumblr

I got this packet of sugar with my coffee a week ago and I remembered: we don't play enough in our lives. We are way too serious. So - play!

This photo was taken in Ljubljana in front of an art gallery. I blogged about it in my post here

 Source: tumblr

This is my neighbor's cat caught on camera while napping. I simply had to take a photo:)

I have this scribbled on a post it, so that I can see it every day.

I have this on my mood board just to remind me that sometimes it's really wise to just let go.

I hope you enjoyed this post,

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Rock Chic


Letters to the Winter

Letters to the Winter

Letters to the Winter by soul-fishingblog featuring embroidered jackets

This winter I am totally in love with brocade! If you aske me there is not enough brocade fabrics in the world:) I think that every woman should have at least one brocade piece in her closet, may it be a jacket, a coat or even brocade pants.

The intricate patterns, the warm colors, the rich textures of the fabrics, the golden hems, sparkly paillettes, which I adore, the furs... True, if you go overboard, you can look like you put on a drapery, so it's very important to keep other pieces of your outfit in neutrals.

The best colors for brocade are of course darker tones, such as plum, teal, grey or black and of course the ultimate color of luxury - gold.

Happy 2013!!!