Ayubowan, Sri Lanka!


It felt like the journey was never going to end!!!
First stop - Frankfurt. Right after stepping off the airplane, I witnessed a little boy throwing up all over the place:S It smelled horrible, so I quickly scurried away.

No time to stop for a cup of coffee, no time to go duty free shopping, because it was already boarding time for Bahrain. The flight from Frankfurt to Bahrain (nearly 6 hours) was pleasant enough with occasional turbulences, so I helped myself to ease my pre-take-off anxiety by taking a few deep breaths and my neighbor helped herself with a few glasses of red wine:) That's cheating, by the way:P

When I arrived to Bahrain, the same story, no time to take a break, because it was boarding time for Colombo again, so I basically, like, jumped from one plane to another. I think a steward on the Bahrain-Colombo flight fancied me a bit, so he upgraded me to business class - which meant a really great meal, great selection of movies to choose from (I chose Jane Eyre and Larry Crowne) and most importantly - a seat which was like a bed to me. Sure enough, I fell asleep and I dreamt that I was sleeping in my bed at home and when I woke up on the plane, it felt like the reality was my dream. It was scary!

When I finally reached my destination, I had to wait for a taxi driver named Rasika to pick me up. It was 4.30 am local time and my eyes were all red from the lack of sleep and my head felt two sizes too big. Of course Rasika got lost, so we were calling each other six times. The entire conversation looked like this:

Rasika: Hello?
me: Hello? Rasika? This is Teja. I understand that you will pick me up?
Rasika: Yes. I pick you up.
me: Great. I am at Exit S1, can you come and pick me up?
me: ok. See you soon.

5 minutes later:

Me: Hello?
Rasika: Hello?
Me: Rasika, where are you?
Rasika: At Chicken Drumstick.
Me: I don't know where Chicken Drumstick is. Can you come and pick me up at Exit S1?
Rasika: ok.

5 minutes later:

Me: Hello? Rasika? Where are you?
Rasika: At check in.
Me: No, no. I don't know where that is. Can you come and pick me up at Exit S1?
Rasika: ok.
Me: ok.

 After waiting for another 5 minutes, I lost my patience and asked a local guy to speak to my taxi driver and explain to him where I actually was. He talked to Rasika and explained everything to him. Did he find me? no. I went outside and found him. I was too tired to make a fuss, so I just smiled and gave him my luggage and off we went.

So, I got home at about 5 am and slept like rock until 10 am, not knowing after I had woken up, where I was, what day it was, or what time it is.

And that was my first morning in Sri Lanka.



  1. Uglavnem...the usual airport fuss :D

  2. Indeed:) ugotovila sem, da ful premalo vode servirajo na letih, tako da si res dehidriran, ko stopiš z letala:P po mojem si predvsem zaradi dehidracije toliko zmatran...

  3. hehe, cool post! ej, dej se na bloglovin, če se ti da ... js od tam zdej spremljam vse bloge, pa bi lah tut tvojga, da ne bom v takem zaostanku! ful smešno, ti si bla na sri lanki, js pa prevajam o tem ... pozdravček, oglasi se kaj! Maruša


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