Packing for Sri Lanka

Less than 48 hours to go and visit my dad in Sri Lanka. My packing is very hectic: a dress here, a bikini there, all in random order and also, the weirdest things go into my baggage: oatmeal, my mom's marmelade, tuna cans (apparently there's no tuna cans in Sri Lanka).

I have to be dressed like an onion for the transition of the season: -1C in Slovenia, and +25C plus humidity in Sri Lanka:P Still don't quite know how to pull that off...

Making sure to pack only thin cotton T-shirts and blouses for the tropic weather. And lots of them, since I will probably sweat a lot, which brings me to the next thing to pack: a deodorant. 

Super. All done.

To do list:
 - pack bikinis
 - pack 2 kites to go kite flying with dad in Sri Lanka
 - pack 2 pieces of Nanoški sir (Eng: The Nanos cheese), dad's favorite
 - buy anti-bug spray to nuke the nasty mosquitoes
 - get a bikini (and all over bottom limb)wax
 - check the health insurance and take the insurance card with you!!!!
 - pack the address book
 - pack books to read
 - start praying to Jesus, Buddha, the Krishna and Allah that the plane will stay in the air and take me safely to Sri Lanka.


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