2012 New Year's Resolution

In 2012, I will:

  • blog more
  • travel more
  • eat less chocolate, but eat more of it anyway, I mean - who am I kidding?!
  • buy a new digital camera and actually use it
  • do more yoga
  • read more novels in German, starting with Rafik Schami's Die dunkle Seite der Liebe 
  • read more novels in Slovene, starting with France Bevk's Mali upornik. I simply have to start reading more works from Slovene authors!!!
  • cuss less :P 
  • be nicer to myself. That in my world means eating more chocolate.
  • listen more and talk less (it's gonna be a tough one)
  • go on more dates (Tricky. Very tricky.)
  • be more patient with grandpa (which means listening to even more war stories:P)
  • take more time to meet my friends
  • take more time for myself 
  • regularly attend my bellydance classes. Even when I don't feel like shaking my booty.

 - Teja

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