How to Dress like a Hipster

We all have heard of them. We all have seen them. But what exactly is a hipster? The Urban Dictionary defines a hipster as: ''a subculture of men and women typically in their 20's and 30's that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter. The greatest concentrations of hipsters can be found living in the Williamsburg, Wicker Park, and Mission District neighborhoods of major cosmopolitan centers such as New York, Chicago, and San Francisco respectively.''

''O-kay,'' you say: ''But I still don't get it. I mean, I'm not even sure if I know what a hipster looks like.''

Well, let's create a hipster checklist:
1. You need a mustache. In any form. The hipster subculture is the only subculture that actually tolerates mustaches on women. And by that I mean any kind of jewelry with mustaches:)
2. Get a Clark Kent glasses with thick black rims. The geekier, the better. If you're a girl, finish off the look with a bright red lipstick and if you're a guy, grow a mustache.
3. Own a smartphone and instagram everything you see and then spend 15 minutes choosing one filter per photo.
4. Start smoking.
5. Wear skinny jeans.
6. Wear brogues with your skinny jeans.
7. Wear a really rich faux fur coat, the kind that Macklemore wore in the Thrift Shop video.
8. Wear a headphone around your neck like a necklace.

9. Wear lots and lots of ethnic stackable bracelets, combining vintage ones with the three-dollar ones you got at the H&M.
10. Guys, wear a bow tie and suspenders. At all times.
11. Girls, wear a vintage dress with a bib collar. With your brogues and with your faux fur coat. At all times.
12. As far as hipster patterns are concerned, the top three would have to be polka dots, hound's tooth and plaid. You can't go wrong with them.
13. Get a beanie. And wear it every day, even if it the weather is hot.
14. Guys, wear a bowtie.
15. Girls, wear a bowtie.

While I was doing my research, I found this table that I found pretty funny; it's a comparison between hipsters and old people and they're kinda right:)

I have used all these photos as a moodboard when I was creating a hipster look for the Carnival that we are having in Slovenia this weekend and this is the finished look, with all the hipster elements:
1. a beanie
2. a red lipstick
3. wayfarers
4. a sleeveless blouse buttoned up to the top with a chunky necklace
5. stackable bracelets featuring almost every bracelet I have ever owned, from 1920s, 1980s and 1990s.
6. stackable rings
7. skinny jeans
8.brogues (not shown on the photo)

Have a wonderful Carnival weekend!!!


Teja xoxo

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