My Winter Skincare Routine

This is my collection of current beauty favorites. I have a really sensitive and dry skin that is prone to tightness, so I have to take extra good care of it, which can sometimes be a bit difficult since I am a bit lazy and I like to think of myself as a fairly low maintenance when it comes to beauty. The thing is that when I get lazy, my skin punishes me for it - it feels really tight and sometimes it can get a bit flaky:( The good side of having dry skin is that I very rarely break out and if I do, it's only once a month:)
So here are my current faves:

1. L'Angelica Eye Serum - I have already mentioned it in my post here. It's really good, it evens out fine lines around eyes and makes my skin feel extra smooth:) I have to say that I am very satisfied with this product.

2. and 3. I am actually switching back and forth between my Korres tinted lip balm and Bebe Young Care intensive care lip balm. The Korres balm smells divine and it gives that lovely dewy natural finish, but I have to reapply it more often since it's not that moisturizing, whereas the Bebe young care balm luckily has a richer formula and it's perfect for really chapped lips.
TIP: Apply the Bebe Young Care lip balm before bedtime, you will wake up with incredibly smooth lips:) 

4. My beauty secret: HONEY! Not only is honey a natural disinfectant, it protects and moisturizes your skin, so make a homemade honey mask once a week, it'll restore the natural skin balance. 

5. Gehwol Med Foot Cream. As you've probably guessed, it's German, and only available in your local pharmacy, like SANOLABOR. The first time I've used it, I vowed never to use another foot cream for the rest of my life.

6.SORAYA BioRepair 30+ Day Cream available here. 
This is my current favorite day cream.
It contains the micronised BLACK PEARL from the French Polynesia and it contains BLUE DAISY extracts which moisturize the skin and has an antioxidant effect. According to the their website, the product ''fights all skin ageing symptoms and effectively smooths irritations. It restores smoothness, elasticity and the bright appearance of the skin. Slows down skin ageing processes. Reduces discomfort and tightness of sensitive skin. Soothes irritations. It supports self renewal, strengthens the immunological system, restores the barrier function of the skin.''

I have been using this product for two weeks now and the cream smells divine, I just want to smell it all day long:) I'm a Soraya junkie, lol! The cream does make my skin feel smoother and it evens out fine lines, but I have to say that I did expect more from the product as far as moisturizing goes; the cream is not rich enough for my dry skin, I have to reapply during the day because otherwise my skin feels tight again. But I would definitely recommend this product and I would definitely repurchase it again.

7. Himalaya Herbals Face Peeling is a really wonderful product, the back says that you can use it every day, but I wouldn't recommend it; I personally use it once a week. It's recommended for all skin types, and it's free from Parabens, SLS/SLES, Phthalates and is 100% soap free which is really important if you have sensitive and dry skin. It contains apricot granules, aloe vera, neem, lemon and red lentil, all 100% natural and not tested on animals.


Teja xoxo

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