Soul Fishing's Top 5

1. My current No.1 would have to be this gorgeous ceramic mug. I love how the pattern is not perfect. It's as if it was hand drawn. I love running my fingertips over the design, feeling the gorgeous pattern. It fits beautifully into the palm of my hand as its bottom is slightly rounded (no pun intended:)- perfect for movie nights; I can sit in my bean bag, tuck myself with a blanket and have some tea:)

  2. No mug would be perfect without tea. I have to admit that I haven't tried this one yet, mainly because I fell in love with the vintage design of the package and I don't want to open it yet:) Let's hope it tastes as good as it looks:))

3. This is m absolute current favorite as far as necklaces go. It's by Maison Scotch and the pendant is in shape of a harmonica. It even makes a sound if you blow air into it. True, it is able to produce only one tone, but I still think that the design is absolutely brilliant and I love the face the people make when I blow into my little harmonica pendant and sound actually comes out:)

4. My CLINIQUE red nail polish in No.7 Red red red. It's really high quality, doesn't chip and it stays on forever. It's a little bit pricey for a nail polish but still a good investment.

5. This photo is pretty self-explanatory:) I got it as a present from a friend:)



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