The Vienna Street Style

This weekend I was busy taking photos in the wind city. No, I am not talking about Chicago. I am talking about the city that never sleeps. And it's not New York either. It's Vienna:)

I love Vienna. It's so romantic, it has this... old school vibe that I just love. And when I say old school, I mean really old school, more like Habsburger Monarchy old school. The Mixture of Habsburger and Jugendstil buildings, the really cool museums and art exhibitions, the old cafes with waiters wearing black bow ties and crisp white shirts... everything in Austria is so clean, and Eco-friendly and organized... I love it there.

This was my fourth visit to Vienna and I always find something new and exciting to look forward to until my next visit:)

I wish you guys a successful week!




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    1. Following you:) Thanks for the compliment;)

  3. Last chance to wear these gorgeous scarves! Spring is any day now!!!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

    1. yes, but in the spring you can come up with even more gorgeous scarves, the silky ones with big flowery prints, o, my gosh, I can't wait:)

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    1. Cool! Can't wait:)

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  6. To pa izgleda super, so mi všeč takšne objave (:

  7. Hi, I have just come back from a visit to Vienna too (or revisit, as I lived there for a while as a student 20+ years ago) and am avidly reading all the blogs about Vienna I can find. I really like the style there too. This time I mosty noticed how many people were wearing unusually coloured jeans - green, turquoise, pinky orange - it made a nice change from the ubiquitous blue and black. Of your photos, I particularly like the woman in the red coat and the two men sitting on the steps. Thank you for helping me clarify what my slightly Viennese-inspired look is going to be like this autumn!

    (If you want to read my impressions of Vienna, they are on my blog in two parts.)


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