REVIEW: Paula's Choice Illicit Lash Maximum Impact Mascara

Packaging: I was immediately drawn to the simplicity of the design; it seems that nowadays there are very few mascaras that do not resemble some kind of a mini sculpture and whose design is so advanced, it's almost battery-operated. So a brownie point for the simplicity :)

Embalaža: Pri tej maskari me je pritegnila preprostost oblike; zdi se mi, da je dandanes zelo malo maskar, ki niso podobne nekakšni mini skulpturi in pri katerih je dizajn tako napreden, da skoraj potrebujejo baterije. Plus točka za preprostost:)


Brush: Very flexible and cone-shaped and bends straight lashes nicely. However, the spiky plastic bristles do not separate the lashes 
as they should. I was a bit disappointed by that.

Krtačka: Glava krtačke je zelo gibljiva ter v obliki stožca in trepalnice lepo ukrivi. Vendar plastični koničasti zobki na ščetki ne ločijo trepalnic tako kot bi morali. Glede tega sem bila malo razočarana.

Texture: The texture is pretty thick and easily applicable, which I like, because the texture, especially that of cheaper labels can be a bit thin and therefore not having the necessary coverage. What I especially like about the ILLICIT LASH mascara is that it covers all the lashes evenly and that it's completely smudge-proof. To achieve the same effect, I always had to use a water-proof mascara.  An extra browni point. 

Tekstura tekočine v maskari: Dokaj gosta in mazljiva, kar mi je zelo všeč, namreč tekstura maskar, še posebno le-ta cenejših znamk, zna biti bolj redka in tako manj prekrivna. Pri ILLICIT LASH maskari mi je zelo všeč, da je dobro prekrivna in da se ne razmaže. Za takšen učinek sem se prej vedno morala zanesti na vodoodporno maskaro. Ekstra plus točka.

Minus: The mascara may clump the eyelashes together. 

Pomanjkljivosti: Maskara utegne zlepiti skupaj trepalnice.

Overall rating: 8/10

Končna ocena: 8/10


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Tutorial: How to Take Part in a Blogger Giveaway and How to Properly Post a Comment

I was inspired for this post by panicky phone calls that I got from my friend's friends that they would really really like to take part in my giveaway but simply cannot manage to post a comment. At all. And what should they click on? And which profile should they choose? And when they did choose a profile, the whole comment dissappears. What's the hell is going on?

Okay, here it goes - how to post a comment on a blog for a giveaway:
  1. Click on ''comments'' below the post
  2. A window opens up. You enter your comment with your email address because otherwise I cannot contact you in case you win the giveaway
  3. Under the comment window, besides ''comment as'' it says ''select a profile''
  4. If you have a gmail address, choose ''Google Account'' (NOTE: if you have a hotmail, a yahoo or a more exotic email address, you cannot comment as a Google Account because for a Google Account, you have to have a Google Address, which is what gmail is - GoogleMail
  5. If you have an ''exotic'', so a non-gmail address, you can choose to comment under an ''Anonymus'' profile
  6. Click ''publish''
  7. A window pops up and say that ''Comment will be visible after approval'' - that doesn't mean that your comment has ''disapeared'' or that I didn't receive it, it simply means that I have to okay your comment, in case it is spam or innapropriate.
  8. Give the comment (read: me) the time ro reappear on my blog
  9. You're done:)
I hope you found this post helpful and I hope it answered all your questions:)

Enjoy the Friday!


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The Winner of My International Giveaway is...

Number 4!!!

Congrats, Rakel:) Thank you for reading my blog, dear:) Will get in touch with you by email:)

Best wishes,



Feeling the Nostalgia

Today was a really beautiful sunny day in Ljubljana. Perfect for a cup of coffee in a cafe, a chat with a friend and... for some vintage shopping. Finally, the time (and the weather, mind you) has come for a bonafide vintage and second-hand market, filled with truly great bargains, creative people and - free Cockta:) (a Slovene version of coca-cola).

Everybody deserves a second chance - even clothes, especially since we live in a world which has become more globalized that everybody wears pretty the same thing. Except in Japan. Boy, I hope that the gothic lolita look is not coming to Slovenia... anyway... I think that it's important to leave your mark also in the fashion sense, to get creative and to put together things that other people normally wouldn't, to wear an expensive high-end piece with with something that you spent 5 euros on, to be bold!

So having said that, here are some tips on finding a great bargain at the vintage market:
  1. First, do a quick round around all the stands, you don't want to make any impulsive purchases
  2. Once you've found your piece and purchased it - don't not wash it at home:)
  3. Always haggle - you'd be surprised how much you can lower the original price.
  4. Don't worry if the original piece is too big for you, you can always take it to a seamstress and have it taken in 
  5. If the piece is to small for you... don't friggin' buy it!
Here are some memorable moments from the today's vintage market:


My International Giveaway (CLOSED)

Today, I met up with Maruša who likes to design colorful necklaces and earrings in her free time. I would like to say that I have a high respect for people who make hand-made jewelry. Actually, I have a high respect for people who make hand-made anything. There is something truly special about the whole process, from the inspiration in the designer's head to the final product. What I find really fascinating is that nobody knows how the final product is going to look like, probably not even the designers themselves. All of a sudden you just have the final product in front of you and it seems like the designer did not have anything to do with it, it's all work of an invisible creative force. It's... magic:) And the most wonderful thing to do in my opinion is to share that magic.

So, here it is, my first international giveaway and I will be giving away this unique hand-made necklace:

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  3. Post a comment under this post and leave an email address (so that I can contact you in case you are a winner;))   
PROLONGING MY GIVEAWAY UNTIL Friday, 21st June 2013, at noon 12:00.


By using a random number tool www.random.org

Maruša also makes other gorgeous necklaces, such as these:

You can contact her here



Teja xoxo


The Malloni Fashion Show

Yestersay, I attended the Malloni Fashion Show in Ljubljana. I have to admit I didn't know much about the label since I'd been invited by a friend who works as a part-time model (Special note to the reader: have friends from as many different background as possible, you never know where you might end up:))

I was immediately impressed by the interior design of the boutique, as there was an interplay of different elements, e.g. stone vs. wood, see the pic below:

The boutique is quite open and spacious, lots of whites and beiges which I find visually very attractive, I hate shops that ''attack'' the customers with too wild colors. The vocal point of the evening were not clothes, but accessories, actually. The labels were Freya Lupo, Tanja Zorn, Tomi Vugrinec, D'Alpaos and more.