Feeling the Nostalgia

Today was a really beautiful sunny day in Ljubljana. Perfect for a cup of coffee in a cafe, a chat with a friend and... for some vintage shopping. Finally, the time (and the weather, mind you) has come for a bonafide vintage and second-hand market, filled with truly great bargains, creative people and - free Cockta:) (a Slovene version of coca-cola).

Everybody deserves a second chance - even clothes, especially since we live in a world which has become more globalized that everybody wears pretty the same thing. Except in Japan. Boy, I hope that the gothic lolita look is not coming to Slovenia... anyway... I think that it's important to leave your mark also in the fashion sense, to get creative and to put together things that other people normally wouldn't, to wear an expensive high-end piece with with something that you spent 5 euros on, to be bold!

So having said that, here are some tips on finding a great bargain at the vintage market:
  1. First, do a quick round around all the stands, you don't want to make any impulsive purchases
  2. Once you've found your piece and purchased it - don't not wash it at home:)
  3. Always haggle - you'd be surprised how much you can lower the original price.
  4. Don't worry if the original piece is too big for you, you can always take it to a seamstress and have it taken in 
  5. If the piece is to small for you... don't friggin' buy it!
Here are some memorable moments from the today's vintage market:

 Me, posing away:)

 My bling bling:)

 Redesign Accessories by Ema Bavcon

 Vintage Vikend

 Vintage Galerija

Kič je Raj

 Vintage Ličenje by Verena Makeup

 Divas Vintage

 Rojina S Vintage (hand made clocks with a vintage feel to them)

Hope you had a lovely Saturday!

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Teja xoxo


  1. lepoo :) fajn blogec maš :)

    have fun :D


  2. That is some awesome advice! I actually don't know why I've never tried haggling at a vintage market before, but I must! If you ever get the chance to go to Paris soon, I would also recommend going to Le Marais....the vintage shopping is great :)



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