The Malloni Fashion Show

Yestersay, I attended the Malloni Fashion Show in Ljubljana. I have to admit I didn't know much about the label since I'd been invited by a friend who works as a part-time model (Special note to the reader: have friends from as many different background as possible, you never know where you might end up:))

I was immediately impressed by the interior design of the boutique, as there was an interplay of different elements, e.g. stone vs. wood, see the pic below:

The boutique is quite open and spacious, lots of whites and beiges which I find visually very attractive, I hate shops that ''attack'' the customers with too wild colors. The vocal point of the evening were not clothes, but accessories, actually. The labels were Freya Lupo, Tanja Zorn, Tomi Vugrinec, D'Alpaos and more.

   The Freya Lupo Label (Love their jewelry!)

The Tanja Zorn Label: (the pillow you see above is hands down the best place to sit down:))

The Tomi Vugrinec Label (these are actually rings:))

Time for a quick snack:

All better:)

As I'd said the interior design was very likable and chic:

  My model friend posing H to T, head to toe:)

I had a little chat with the guys behind the D'Alpaos Label, Nicolas and Lorenzo, two aspiring Italian designers. We talked about everything, from fashion to travel and where they get their inspiration from. It was a really interesting talk because as a fashion civilian (working at a job which is not desinger/fashion-related) I had no idea how elaborate and long the entire design process was and the guys were really sweet and took the time to break it down for me:) If you're reading this, guys, I appreciate it, thanks, these are them, by the way:

I have to say that it was a very enjoyable evening and I look forward to more fashion events in the summer:)

Take care,

Teja xoxo

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