Yugo Nostalgia

Lately, I have been feeling just a tiny bit nostalgic. I sometimes really miss my childhood. It was a good childhood. I grew up in the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia which disintegrated in 1991. After that, my country was called the Republic of Slovenia and I never felt more proud. For the first time in our history, we even had our very own currency - Slovene tollar (sl. slovenski tolar). I remember exactly what I bought with my first 100 tollars (cca. 50 cents in today's euro) - two scoops of ice-cream. In 1991, one scoop of ice-cream cost 50 tolars - that is a little less that 25 cents (!) in euros. In the summer of 2010, one scoop of ice-cream cost 1,20 euro in Ljubljana (the capital of Slovenia).

This post is about the things without which I couldn't imagine my childhood:

Candy called ''505 sa crtom'' (Eng. 505 with the line),
as you can see from the image.

The ''Rondo C'' candy

The Croatian cartoon called ''Čudesna šuma''
(Eng. The Elm-Chanted Forest). I loved it!

A Croatian cartoon called ''Čarobnjakov šešir''
(Eng. The Magician's Hat)


VW beetle - we called it ''hrošč''

And of course - Yugoslavia would not have been
Yugoslavia without Yugo:) My mom used to have a yugo:)

Last but not least, what made Yugoslavia special is that when the children reached a certain age, they had to take a Pioneer Pledge (serb-cro. Pionirska zakletva) which went a little something like this:

Danas, kada postajem pionir,
dajem časnu pionirsku riječ/reč -
da ću marljivo učiti i raditi,
poštovati roditelje i starije,
i biti vjeran/veran i iskren drug,
koji drži datu riječ/reč.
Da ću voljeti/voleti našu domovinu, samoupravnu SFRJ,
da ću razvijati bratstvo i jedinstvo
i ideje za koje se borio drug Tito.
Da ću cjeniti/ceniti sve ljude svijeta/sveta koji žele slobodu i mir!

Today, as I become a Pioneer,
I give my Pioneer's word of honour -
That I shall study and work diligently,
respect parents and my seniors,
and be a loyal and honest comrade/friend.
That I shall love our homeland, self-managed SFRY.
That I shall spread brotherhood and unity
and the principles for which comrade Tito fought.
And that I shall value all peoples of the world who respect freedom and peace!

Source: Wikipedia

This is how they were dressed:)

I wasn't one, though. I was born two years too late:)

Enjoy your day!


Teja xoxox


  1. Jaa, tole Čarobnjakov šešir bi blo fajn še kdaj gledat :D

  2. Ga imam doma na videokaseti - this means only one thing - movie night!:)

  3. I remember doing a report on Yugoslavia when I was 13 in junior high as it seemed like the only country with a name I could remember back in 1990! Sad how pointless it all seemed now that there's like half-dozen tinier countries to remember that I just don't care to remember at all personally.

    That first film "The Elm-Chanted Forest" became something of a cult classic over here in the states though we never got the second film brought over to my knowledge.

  4. No, seriously? ''The Elm-Chanted Forest'' was a cult classic in the USA? Are you pulling my leg? Was it dubbed in English?


Thank you for your comment. I love them:)