Fall Fashion

Yesterday I started thinking about the Fall and Fashion that comes with it. Many don't really like the Fall. They associate it with gloomy rainy weather, the cold, the lack of sunshine and in a sense, with the decay of nature, because leaves are falling off, leaving naked branches.

And just like the trees change their fresh green wardrobe, so does the fashion with the shades of red, yellow, reddish-brown and rich chocolate brown. So perfect.

I like the Fall. Yes, the weather can get a little gloomy, but there's Halloween, hot chocolate, baked chestnuts... and Fall Fashion:) Here are my favorite combinations:

Alice Gabb

Mi Rim Lee (I hope I got her name right), the fashion editor of Korean Harper's Bazaar.
I love the combination of mustard sweater with baby blue shirt!
The open-toe shoes are a bit much for November, though:)

The cream-colored trench coat is a classic must-have. The bag is also really cool!
I just wish the woman on the picture would smile more:)

I love the quirkiness of this outfit!
This woman really has the cojones:)

I just can't get enough of Caroline Issa's immaculate taste. So chic!

Karolina Kurkova, elegant as ever in Roberto Cavalli. I love, love, love this look!

Images courtesy of: street tonictrendy crewstylescout and Vanessa Jackman.

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Teja xoxox

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