What's on my Playlist

Hoku - Perfect Day: because - every day is perfect in its own, even if we don't know it;)
LMFAO - I am not a whore: because even the title makes me giggle:D
Ingrid Michaelson - Be OK: because it's a perfect pick me up song
Beats Antique  - Nesatovo: because I love the mixture of the Balkan beats with contemporary music
Kelis - Trick me: because it's a great chill-out song
The Chemical Brothers - Galvanize: because I love the music fusion of the oriental music and hip-hop.
Ratatat - One: because it makes me wanna dance!
BOB feat. Hayley Williams - Airplanes: because there's something really catchy about this tune. I dunno, I just like it!
Ofra Haza feat. Iggy Pop - Daw da Hiya: because they are one of  the best artists of the 80s. This song is the perfect blend of their talent.
Beck - Loser: because of the funny lyrics:)
Snoop Dogg feat. Pharell - Drop it like it's hot: because of its sexy beats.
Moby - Flower: I just can't help it - I love this song!

Have a great day!

hugs and smoochies,



  1. Jaz mam pa na repeat nov album od Kings of Leon :)
    Kok sem dolgočasna :D

  2. hehe. Sej Kings of Leon so carji:) Njihov frontman je pa cukrček;)


Thank you for your comment. I love them:)