Winter Fashion

Looking chic at below zero is a challenge, I grant you, but luckily, I found some really nice examples of chic winter fashion:

So how to look great and be warm and cozy at the same time? It's all about mixing and matching.

Rule 1: Complement a retro coat with a retro hat as seen in the next two photos:

Love the peacock green coat and the chic clutch.

This is a great example of layering.
Make sure to combine ethnic patterns with more subtle cream-colored pieces.
This way, the patterns stand out more. The red tote adds a nice pop of color!

Love this look! The loafers and the dandy-ish scarf are so chic!

Rule 2: Combine a winter coat with ankle boots, preferably in the same color.

Dark tones are a winter classic but in this case
a bag or a scarf in a different color would really brighten up the whole outfit.
Having everything in the same color can be a bit too matchy-matchy.

Rule 3: Earthy tones are a must-have

A nude top, khaki pants and wine-colored pumps,
plus a lovely fur coat is a winning combination:)

Rule 4: When going for the lumberjack look - don't be shy - go for the whole enchillada:) Not feminine enough for you? A sexy red lipstick will take care of that!

Photos courtesy of karla's closetthe sartorialist and stylescout.



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  1. oh, loving the 4th pic from the top..the girl dressed all in violetish colors!!!
    :)xx Dashi


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