Let's Party Like It's 1925!

The best parties are the old school parties, I always say, and in the spirit of the Carnival that had taken place in Slovenia this Tuesday, I've decided to blog about this vintage photo I had found in our family album. Isn't it amazing? The photo is from 1925 and it had been taken in the South of Italy.

The first thing that had caught my eye is the ornate decorations on the costumes as the party theme was 1001 Nights, so everything had to be extra sparkly. I love the pailletted jacket on the man sitting in the middle, I would love to get my hands on it! You know, anything with paillettes, feathers and pearls and I'm on board:) His feathery turban is also really cool but the butterfly costume is a total win, considering the fact that it was handmade. I am guessing that all these costumes were pretty much handmade, which is quite rare nowadays with all the ''Made in China'' plastic costumes that are being sold in the shops.

This photo honestly makes me want to jump into the picture and party along with these guys... or girls, because to be perfectly honest, I am not sure who is who. It's still and amazing photo and I love it, hope you like it to:)


Teja xoxo

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