Colombo from above


First impressions of Colombo: colorful, crowded and chaotic:) You have to be really really careful when crossing the street because the drivers, the bus drivers especially, here won't hesitate to run you over. So you have to ''scan the area'' on the left and right at least twice before even thinking of crossing and when you do, extend your hand towards the car like a policeman in order for them to stop. Because then and only then will they stop. If you're lucky that is.

Dresscode for women: Dress discreetly. No slinky dresses, mini skirts or tops that show cleavage, especially when you're walking through the Muslim parts of the city. Wear loose clothes made of light cotton because the climate is hot and humid.

Otherwise, everybody is very friendly and smile all the time. So, I smile back:)

But I thought that in this post I would talk less and show you some long-awaited photos from Colombo taken from ''above'':)

More photos are coming up soon:)

 - Teja

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