United Colors of Zagreb

I am crazy about colors. Especially in November because it's quite frankly the suckiest part of the year. October is fine because the trees are covered with colorful leaves and December is fine because it's white and full of kitschy Christmas decorations but November falls somewhere in the middle, I mean, the leaves fall off the trees, it's raining, it gets cold, there's still no snow. All you end up with are soaking wet tree trunks!

So, I am forever looking for colorful things in the shops and basically all around me. That way I wrap myself with the warm fuzziness of colors, colors, colors...

 A detail of a bush at the Cvjetni trg Square

An antique shop

 A muffin piggy bank. Want iiiit!

Teja's fashion to do list: 
Must buy a necklace with a pendant shaped like a jellyfish with big geeky glasses:)

The inside of the Hemingway bar

A painting in a Museum of Modern Art

I love, love, love this graffiti. It's opposite the Maksimiljan Park

Frituleee! My fave snack!

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