Shopping and Great Cafes in Zagreb

The best part about visiting Zagreb is SHOPPIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!! I love shopping, shopping is my cardio, it's a great way to release the tension after a long week;)) Considering the fact that we live in a world of globalization, I avoided all the shops that I already know and we already have in Slovenia on purpose and wanted to ''explore new horizons'' with edgy shops with new brands and one of them was definitely Vešmašina:

 The local fashionistas taking a photo of the Vešmašina:)

 The Vešmašina display window. I personally fell for the Falling Whistles Necklaces (far left). 
They are seriously cool. And they really do whistle;)

House of Harlow Jewelry, my personal favorite is the wishbone necklace (far right top)

I fell in love with Wildfox sweatshirts!

You do not want to piss the person wearing these shoes off.

The Inglot make up store was phenomenal with a wide variety of colorful make up to choose from. 
I was like a kid in a candy store!

and Illamasqua store:

As far as cafes go, if you want to go for something homey and comfy, I would definitely recommend Cafe Amelie

This chestnut cake is to die for!

Another great Cafe is Velvet. Great ambience, great drinks, great pumpkin soup!

Extra tip: go to the Velvet in the evening, when all the pretty lights are on:)

I hope you found this post helpful,

Have a good one,



  1. sencke od inglota, ti jih moram nujno pokazat, love it!!!

  2. Že nekaj let nisem bila v Zagrebu in vidim, da skrajni čas, da ga spet obiščem :)

    1. ja, ful je lepo:)Nujno pejt ščekirat sceno:)

  3. S prijateljico bova v kratkem odrinili na ženski izlet v Zagreb, zato je bil ta post zelo uporaben. Zagotovo jo peljem na tortico v Amelie! Kako prisrčno vse izgleda. :)

    1. Hvala, sem vesela, da se ti je zdel uporaben:)


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