Open Stage at Zlati Zob

Yesterday, I went to the Open Stage Night at Zlati Zob, an ethnic bar in Ljubljana. The Open Stage Night was for Oriental and Tribal Fusion Dancers of all levels and the heat was on!

I love belly dance, I think that there's something magical about it. The women look so feminine and confident. And every time when I see a really good belly dancer performing on stage, doing the shimmies, undulations, belly rolls and my personal favorite - the sidewinder, completely lost in her own world, where there's nothing left to be said, I'm like WOW! This is it, this is what life is all about.

I was enjoying the evening so much, I got lost and I got found - in the magical world of belly dance.

The act started with Vesna Zorman from the Ambrosia Dance Company. 
Gorgeous performance, gorgeous costume!

The Black Onyx Tribe did a marvelous job performing on stage. Juicy!

Don't you just love the oriental dance? :)

Anja Kucler from the Black Onxy Tribe was shining like a star

The Zuzanas from Zagreb brought positive vibes on stage

The girls from Bela Krajina brought Spring to the foggy November evening

The Ambrosia Dance Company was turning up the heat on stage

Ana Perčič kicking ass on stage

Have a wonderful weekend,


Teja xoxox


Thank you for your comment. I love them:)