Street Style in Zagreb Day 1

After spending weeks and weeks in rainy Ljubljana I decided that it was time to leave my country for a short while and see something fresh and new. Although Zagreb is just a two-hour train ride away from Ljubljana, I don't go often there and now, after this weekend, I have decided that the time has come for me to start visiting Zagreb on a regular basis:) In terms of fashion, Zagreb will not disappoint, purgeri  (an old term for people from Zagreb) have an uncanny sense of style, whether they just go out walking their dogs or getting blinged up for a party. What they wear is truly a delight for the eye.

So, what is there for a fashion blogger like me to do?

Take the friggin' camera out of my bag, stop people on the street and take pictures like there's no tomorrow. Here's what I saw:

Have a happy Monday,




  1. Hudo, ene fotke so res take, ki bi se lahko znašle tud na Sartorialistovem blogu :) Sploh sta mi všeč fotki kolesarke in dekleta na tramvaju.

    1. opa, to pa je bil res lepo kompliment, hvala:)


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