ARTISH revisited

I really, really missed my ARTISH arts and crafts fare:) They are always so colorful and full of positive energy, so I always take my time to just soak all the creative energy in: I always have a chat with the designers, cause it's just amazing how many great designs they come up with, man, I have a cup of coffee with my friends, contemplate the wonderful ideas, and I smile. I always smile:)

This time the ARTISH arts and crafts fare was taking place in KINO ŠIŠKA culture center. It was a really cold and rainy day outside, but IN the KINO, it was bubbling with new ideas, friendly people, popping with colors. Sadly there weren't that many people due to the lousy weather, but we managed to create a small island of positivity and creativity on just a few square meters:)

Here are some snapshots from the ARTISH fare:

UršaNina slippers are the best:)

MetkaCvetka baby toys, you know, the ones you hang above the cradle for you baby to enjoy - so cute!

Katjas Dreamland  cute trolls, you just want to take each and every one home!

I took a few photos of these guys cause they remind me a little bit of Gizmo from the Gremlins:)

Meta's recipes  are always full of very kinky things:)

I really liked this silver ring:)

I loved, loved, loved these desings from PolonaP, very original, and Polona was very sweet:)

It was a really cool and enriching experience, I only wish that we had more art fares like these in Slovenia.

That's all from me guys,

have a really nice Monday and a successful week,

hugs and kisses,


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