Beautiful Beach Towels

I miss the Summer. And the warm sunshine. And the beaches. And the feeling that you have all the time in the world and it's just you and the sea.

And a beautiful beach towel.

When I got this gorgeous beach towel for my birthday, it inspired me, I just couldn't resist blogging about it. It's pure cotton and soft to touch and I love the color. I think you can't go wrong with lavender.

I just want to wrap myself around in it. Actually it is big enough to wrap myself around in it:) It can be worn as a sarong, it can be used as a bed cover or a beach towel.

Thin cotton beach towels are so fashionable right now, they appeared in the following magazines:

So if you want to follow the hottest fashion trends, get one pronto;) The best beach towels are available at NinaMalina and they cost 30 euros which is a really reasonable price. Nina has some really great pieces:

You can also contact NinaMalina on Facebook

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Photos By SoulFishing and NinaMalina

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  1. Sama poznam tako imenovane fute, res je to pravo razvajanje!! Še za prte se lahko uporabljajo.


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