tantra to my ears

I have a list of my favourite chill out songs that I'd like to share with you. It's a combination that you'd hear on your vacation while swinging in your hammock and sipping a cocktail on the beach... or better yet your living room or wherever you are. Dive in:

  1. yves larock-rise up
  2. sun in shining- bob marley vs funkstar deluxe
  3. sunshine reggae- we all know who's (+check out a clip of how to dance reggae- priceless;)
  4. jack johnson-where did all the good people go
  5. jack johnson-upside down
  6. job 2 do-doo doo doo (old hit that I've heard for the first time in Thailand)
  7. 2pac-califoria love
  8. train-sister soul


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